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Robert De Niro at the trial with his ex-wife. What is the reason PHOTO

De Niro would begin the procedure for obtaining the right of access for his daughter Helen (7 years old), who conducted her through the mother mother during her marriage to Grace Hightower, writes The New York Post with reference to the news. en,

American actor and his wife Grace Hightower, who have two children, Elliott, 20 years old and Helen, divorced after 30 years of marriage.

De Niro and Hightower broke up earlier. The star filed for divorce in 1999, but five years later the couple renewed their vows.

The New York Post also writes that the famous actor filed for divorce in December 2018 unnoticed, using an anonymous procedure, a case law that allows not to mention the identity of the spouses.

The star did not want to confirm the divorce when rumors appeared, but acknowledged that they were “in transition”, causing a “difficult but constructive process”.

“Grace and I have two beautiful children together. We are entering a transitional period in our relationship, which is a difficult but constructive process. I think Grace is an excellent mother and I ask everyone for closeness and respect,” was the message of De Niro.

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower FOTO Guliver / Getty Images

De Niro spoke about his feelings about marriage in an interview in 2013, when he said that the secret of a happy marriage is that "a lot can be offered, but it can also be received at the same time." However, he shared some tips with The Independent in 2014, saying: "The only thing I can say is that if you marry, it is easier to leave if you have no children."

Actor "Nashula" shared his life with Grace Hightower for almost 30 years. She met her in the late 1980s, when she worked in a famous London restaurant, and in 1997 she got married. Grace starred in several roles, not really penetrating Hollywood.

The American star has been married for 12 years to actress Diann Abbott (73 years old), with two children, Drena (47 years old) and Raphael (42 years old). And Tuki Smith gave De Niro a pair of twins, Aaron and Julian. For Hightower, marriage to De Niro is the first.

Robert De Niro is one of the most respected actors, winner of two Oscars. His most famous films are The Godfather: Part II, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Good Guys, Casino, Wrong, Cape of Horrors, America, Deer Hunter and "Heat."

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