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"I would like to leave, get rid of him!"

“I would like to leave Mitrits in the United States. That's how we get rid of him. When a player has an offer for 6 million dollars, you cannot ask 7. And I can get Mitret. I put the money in my account and took it. When a player has a 6th sentence, you cannot ask for more. 8 point? I am not interested. Be healthy.

I would like to leave, get rid of him. We have denied the names of Craiova and CFR. Gike does not want to, he said that we should not miss him, he is not struggling with the future, ”Bekali PRO X said.

“Mitrits are not the most valuable in Romania. I am a Man, Tanase before him. He cannot defeat Mithrich. They will cost more. You will see Saturday at the championship match, who are Man and Tanase "
Gigi Bekalipatron Fcsb

In previous days, ESPN journalists announced that New York is ready to put 8 million euros on the Craiova table, as well as an annual salary of 1 million euros for the star Bani. At the moment, New York FC is ranked No. 3 in the MLS.

(Cosmin Olteana)

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