Monday , January 25 2021

Hervin Ongenda price for FCSB and AS Roma! Botosani wants it

The Frenchman who switched to PSG cares for several league clubs, but also from abroad. FC Botosani fixed the price of Hervin Ongenda for FCSB and AS Rome. The amount is not very large, and the Moldovans could let go this winter if there are offers.

The 23-year-old midfielder is one of the most talented players in League One Betano, but he is not yet one hundred percent physical. The club, which now owns the player, would like to keep it until summer, hoping that the price will explode after winter preparation and reach the best parameters of the kilogram.

The price of Hervin Ongenda for FCSB and AS Roma: “We want at least one million euros!”

Every day Herwin Ongend shows more and more of the extraordinary qualities that he has. The former PSG player has not yet been able to achieve optimal weight, but the technique and the vision he has on the field. Ongenda It came to the attention of AS Romawho sent scouts to several games in Botoşani. And Gigi Bekali would like him in the FCSB, although he has not yet made an official proposal.

Awaiting these offers, Valeriu Iftime, the Moldovan patron, fixed the midfielder with a starting price at auction:Hongend is a special footballer. He still does not show everything that can, and everything that we see in training. It takes a little time to prove their extraordinary qualities. The minimum price we can discuss for decay is a million! FCSB wants this, and Roma wants this, there are serious things, not stupid. We do not have an official offer yet. We would like to keep it until the summer, especially since he still concludes a contract with Botosani for a year and a half. We see what happens"It is said that Fanatic,

Valeriu Iftime, with his hand on his chin
Valeriu Iftime is an experienced negotiator who succeeds in several important strikes for a botozan

Dynamo told him to "step" because he was too fat!

Dynamo refused Hervin Ongenda in the summer because he was too fat, Botosani, a club where the pressure is much lower than that of Stephen the Great, is taking a risk and seems to have won the victory. The Moldavian patron explained why he believes that he did not sign the French “dogs”.

"I know that Ongenda and Fabbrini have been offered to several clubs in Romania, including Dynamo. Fabrini cannot say why he was not stopped by those who are there, but in the Ogenda case I know for sure. Well, when we saw him in Austria, he had a chef, and I thought he was a brother! Good luck that the man at the club said that what he deserves is to give him a chance. We were just crazy to take the risk with him!– said Valery.

Hongenda, with the ball in the match with Dynamo
Dynamo refused Ongenda, because he was too fat, and in the live match the Frenchman was one of the best players on the field.

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