Tuesday , January 19 2021


Google Reviews

GoogleThe American company is preparing a great search engine function, and this is because no one ever thought that something like this could be seen on Google Search, but everything changes here. More specifically, Google intends to allow people to leave comments about the results displayed in the Google search engine, which no one thought Americans could offer for a revenue generator.

GoogleFor a start, the American company will allow users to leave comments only for sporting events, so anyone who is looking for information about the match will be able to see the comments in the search results. Google lists this feature under Your contributions from the latest beta version of the google app, which allows you to search through google search and displays the search results already performed there.

Google. Function search engine UMITORY

Google Comments 1

GoogleThe company is already releasing reviews for results that are based on movies, TV shows, books, etc. But here is the same for the sporting events that will be offered. At the moment, comments can be left only for different types of matches in real time, and Google can delete these comments after the end of matches, but considering that everything is only at the testing stage, it remains to be seen.

GoogleThe decision to leave comments on sporting events is very exciting, and it is believed that the change will be due to the removal of Google+ and the need to replace this platform with something else. If Google launches this search engine feature, it will be available only in the United States for a very limited number of sporting events, and it is not known when it will be available in Romania.

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