Saturday , January 23 2021

Jorge Jesus describes Alcocha's attack: “Let's kill them all” – Football

Jorge jesus exclusively said CMTV Terror lived in Alkocet Academy on May 15th.

The Portuguese coach says that he lived a real horror film and that the attackers were shouting loudly: "Let's kill them all."

Jesus does not forget the day when life in this club changed, and compares the fans who fled that day to the gym to a battle platoon.

"I was on the field, I was not in the cockpit, and when I saw Sporting enter the spa, I started to run and I fell into this despair," he says.

The Portuguese coach says that he was not afraid, because this is not part of his “ADN”, but it was a real “horror film”.

Jorge Jesus even compares the attack with the images of Dash's attack.

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