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"I thought I would give this warning" – an observer

The Environment Minister reiterated that diesel cars would cost less in four or five years. But this time it explains why: according to him, the decline in the market value of these cars is connected with the transition of the sector to environmentally friendly alternatives. Statements were made on the margins of a presentation on carbon neutrality at the University of Coimbra.

Joao Pedro Matush Fernandez drove from Lisbon to Coimbra in an electric car and once stopped on the way to boot the car, says TSF. “Electric vehicles have more autonomy, and therefore this is possible. I already went to Vila Real on an electric car. I am not here to deceive someone: I make many trips, especially when they leave Lisbon and Porto, especially A1 and the road in the Algarve, where I still cannot travel by electric car, ”the minister said during the event .

However, he says that he thought that he “was warned to make this warning”: “What I wanted to say was not in conflict with anyone. Most likely, in four to five years, one who has a diesel car will have less value in his exchange, ”said João Pedro Matush Fernandez. And he defended himself by calling on the presidents of car companies, other politicians and scientists, says the TSF.

“We have all the studies that are included in the National Carbon Road Map, we have the fact that a year before the minister said this, in Portugal the number of diesel cars reduced sales by 10%. I have the words of the President of the Automotive Club of Holada, who last year said that he was obliged to warn members that the cost of restoring these cars would decline. I have the words of the industry commissioner who said less than a year ago that diesel fuel is a technology that should be stopped, ”the Minister of the Environment said.

He continued: “I have the words Volvo, which says that 2019 will be the last year when it will produce diesel cars. I have the words Volkswagen, which say that in 2026 it will no longer produce cars for combustion. I have the words of the president of Renault, who says that customers are asking him what they are going to do with diesel cars. ”

For Joao Pedro Matos Fernandez, the statements he made for Business and the ones he stressed for the TSF do not harm the Portuguese industry, as he can still rely on new components. However, the minister acknowledges that in this way the supply chain of electric vehicles should be strengthened.

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