Tuesday , January 19 2021

He is married at first glance: Ana is devastated on social networks – “Here we have Miss Cynika advertising her profession.”

In the episode on Monday, November 19, sayings and Hugo decide to do things together. Ana gives a personal lesson to her husband, but Hugo almost runs out of her pants during a workout. “He was a good student, although his pants always fell. It was a PT band, Ana wonders.

After tensions between spouses, network users do not trust Ana’s decision to continue the marriage and criticize him on social networks. Opinions are very negative.

“Oh, Ana … do you write with Hugo just a few minutes on TV?”

“Ana is very smart! I say this since I was pursuing the program for the first time. ” Or "This marriage is only an asset for Ana. He contributes to the work and develops friendship with the neighborhood …. Malandkhina ", some of them.

Followers of the program point the finger at a fitness instructor and accuse her of opportunism in their favor.

This one wants to appear, whatever it takes. Even if he stays until the end of the program, ”“ Here we have a cynical miss to publish our profession. Poor little girl, married, but wants space. He had the opportunity to finish the marriage, but he wants to continue. Force Hugo, keep telling me what you think you're going to hit, ”“ A man can even make a pinning, she wants to show herself and make her work famous ”and“ Oh, Ana … she fights with Hugo, just a few minutes on tv? Do you know YouTube? There had to be a reason for which she could bear this being … "They wrote on the pages of the program.

On the other hand, there are those who defend the position of a young woman from Odivelas and attack Hugo. “Give her Ana, kill the beast to see if he will leave you alone” and “Bust with an error. Poor, disgusting, – can read.

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