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Everything is on board: Cristina Ferreira launches English tourist bus guide | languages

A double-decker bus, a dozen rear reporters who were balancing with some effort, and Christina Ferreira in a lively conversation with her English teacher Jonathan Munro. This was the script for the launch of the latest book, signed by the presenter. WITH "all aboard”(All aboard), gave the motto for departure and explained, between the Marquis of Pombal and Bethlehem, in Lisbon, which led to the launch of the English-speaking leadership.

Cover promises:Speak easy". The moderator has already suggested that her level of English is insufficient to speak calmly. “This is my Achilles heel,” he wrote in his 2016 memoirs Feel, also edited by Contraponto. “I had English schools without practice,” summarizes now. Therefore, he decided to return to school for about a year with a private teacher. “When we started learning, I started sharing some things on Instagram, and everyone asked me:“ How does Christina learn, ”she says.

He then took the project with the Cambridge English exam to combine the teaching method of this British institution, his personal experience and the advice of Professor Jonathan Munro. “This is a book for those who already have an English base to be able to improve it. It was the method that Jonathan used with me, and that Cambridge professionals declined, ”explains the moderator.

The topic is divided into seven topics, from my Portugal, in a chapter that uses the geography of Portugal for exercises, travels and feelings. “We decided which areas would be related to me, and we passed it all on to Cambridge professionals,” the first chapter deals with problems – or, first, the first chapter of the book – the first chapter of the book, Problems,

“Our philosophy is to motivate. Show that a person can do it, ”explains Jonathan Munro. “It's about trust, not grammar and vocabulary. I think the tools are ahead of people, but no one talks about how he feels in this way. And this is what Christine did, the professor adds.

Nuno Ferreira Monteiro

“People are ashamed to speak bad English. Sometimes I tell the magazine team that everyone speaks English. And everyone is in a panic because they are afraid of failing, ”says Christina Ferreira. “In the hundreds of messages I received in these last days, most people tell me about this: I am very ashamed to say; I always have difficulties when I go for an interview; Christina recovered a little.

Thus, the author is pleased that he was able to show this "fragility" and hopes to encourage people to follow in the footsteps. “It seems I’ve lost some weight and shame,” he confesses. “Orlant is complicated. And speak in situations stress “on stage with people I don't know anywhere else — even worse.”

“There are people who say:“ Christina has money, it’s easier, ”she says, adding:“ Sometimes we spend so much on things with less significance. Everyone must decide what they want for their life. "

According to the publisher’s press release, over the course of two days, nearly thirty thousand people completed a small self-assessment test in English, developed by Cambridge English, which the moderator published on his blog.

From lessons to final exam

The bus journey begins with an exchange of words, now in English in Portuguese, between Cristina Ferreira and Jonathan Munro: “As the saying goes, to return the marquis? How do you say paws? Foot water? No translation! ".

“They understand why he is my teacher,” the hostess teases. 18 years ago, Munro came to Portugal to study English at that time with a temporary contract. He stayed.

For the first time, a branch of the University of Cambridge is associated with a person to launch a book of this type, guaranteed by Louise Gio, country manager Portugal In the end, this is a relatively conservative organization, he justifies. The interest that they identified in Portugal, and the "power of influence" hostesses helped. Louise Geao argues that it is worth thinking about exploring any vehicle that encourages people to take the initiative.

“Louise, because she is more stubborn than I, managed to convince them,” Christina Ferreira jokes. “They should have access to my entire route. It was also from my story that they liked it. ”

Christina's exam was one of the tests in Cambridge English (a preliminary preview of B1), in which five million people register annually, including 17,000 in Portugal. "The tears that came to me when they told me that I had passed [no teste] were caused by a sense of battle, ”he says. “When I go to airplanes, I no longer put subtitles. These are the steps I'm going to take. It is necessary to continue. I have not stopped classes.

“Obviously, there is no alternative to the true course,” says Jonathan Munro. "But we hope [o livro] which gives confidence and motivates people. ”

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