Thursday , January 28 2021

CTT Bank "was not disturbed" by the situation of CTT – company

According to its CEO, Banco CTT is increasing the number of its customers, although its only shareholder, CTT, closes stations throughout the country.

"[O Banco CTT] – said Luis Pereira Cutigno, Executive President of a financial institution, at Conversa Capital, Negócios e Antena 1.

“We have maintained and maintained throughout this period incredible stability in attracting customers, daily stability in attracting customers,” continued the responsible bank, compiled in 2015.

It is this movement that leads Pereira Coutinho to emphasize that "the advantages of the bank and most of the CTT brand" mean signs that are even classified twice as "very strong."

There is no link between the closure of the stations of the postal company and the possibilities of expanding a financial institution, especially with regard to the number of branches.

Banco CTT is present in 212 branches, CTT is present in more than 500 locations.

Currently, the institution has about 400,000 clients, and the goal is to exceed 500 thousand characters next year.

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