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The final "Weddings at a glance": two couples took a divorce. One still together!

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Last episode Wedding at a glance brought a welcome response – which of the couples associated with the experts, decided to continue the marriage.

Origin of relationship Agatha and Masik it was not easy for them. The participant struggled with the lack of support from his mother, who at the wedding and the wedding party pointedly showed her unwillingness and son-in-law. During the honeymoon, it turned out that Agatha was extremely introverted, and Maciej was standing on his head to overcome resistance. Unfortunately, he failed even after returning to Poland. Finally he was discouraged, and he almost ceased to care.

Then Agatha realized that she would like to stay with him. psychologist Magdalena Khorzhevska She advised my spouses to be honest. When they finally did it, Masik He proposed a divorce and met without commitment. Agatha did not want to hear about it.

A short ball – either we stay together, or we get a divorce – – she said firmly. Masik is older than me. It seems to me that he should think about the future at this age. I don't think Maciei is emotionally mature. I know what I want, despite my young age. After today's conversation, I strongly hesitated. The feeling on my part has not yet appeared, so perhaps this is better.

Masik admitted that he also hesitates.

She impressed me with some kind of firmness and perseverance. he said. I think that Agatha is a really cool, valuable, attractive woman. On the one hand, I would like us to pull it further, and on the other hand, I do not want it.

Agatha fought for marriage until the last moment. She went to the Horse and began another sincere conversation.

I do not hide, I had this barrier at the beginning, but over time it broke, and now there is a barrier – she said.

I have a brothel in my head, because I do not know what to do. There is a barrier that I can not break – admitted Macieus.

You go the easy way – Agatha is rated. I also say a lot of things, no, but the fact that I'm here shows that I don't care. If you do not try, you will not be convinced.

When Masik said that he was afraid of hurting her, she tried to convince him that she was not as fragile and delicate as he thought.

I lived a lot in my life, I can be a brat. I am not a five year old child. I do not need a protective barrier – she said.

On the day of the decision, Maciei admitted that he did not use the chance given to him in the program. Agatha thanked him for the moments together. They both decided to divorce. A month later, they were no longer in contact.

I do not remember when I had contact with Masik. I will not miss – Agatha said.

I see no need to keep in touch with Agatha. I have no feelings for Agatha. I like it, and everything – summed up Maciei.

marriage Martina and Pshemek from the very beginning this was not successful, because the participant for the first time struck out the chances of her husband when he was not the “beautiful brunette” she had dreamed of. On her honeymoon she agreed with him that they would only be friends. Then the bad behavior of Przemek completely worried him. However, at the end of the experiment, it seemed that she began to think about him a little warmer.

I spent this day with Przemek very positively. I have not smiled at him for a long time. I miss a little she said when she went to her after visiting her.

The couple agreed that he would hold the Easter holiday together. Przemek finally began to try.

I am ready to change. It seems I have already changed. I'm not crazy about myself, I'm just listening – he said.

After Christmas, the day came for a decision. psychologist Peter Mosak He accused Martin of “violating the rules of the experiment,” because she imposed on Przemek that they should only be friends. Member tried to protect themselves.

I was honest in the polls, I took it very seriously and contacted him. On the wedding day, when I saw Przemek, I thought that I had those features that I did not want and felt deceived. I do not want to go on a plateIn Barcelona I was offended by his exaggerated sense of humor she explained.

You made a decision for everyone said Mosak reproachfully.

At the time of the decision, Przemek He stated that he would like to remain married. Unfortunately, Martina decided that "she is not sure if she wants to be his wife" and she decided to divorceHowever, she stated that she wants to be friends with her husband. A month later, TVN cameras were visited by spouses. It turned out that they no longer maintain contact.

I think it will be so – said Przemek. In the end, she gave me so much to realize that it wouldn't work, that I gave up, (…) The experiment had no effect on my life. I live in a hostel, eat what I have eaten, work while I work. If I could try with another girl, more involved, I would go to the program again.

Well, unfortunately, it failed – summed up Martin. I am sad I did not want it to end this way. I'm waiting for a divorce.

Anita and Adrian as the only couple from the start, they were a good prediction for the future. From the first moment they loved each other, and their wedding and honeymoon looked like a fairy tale. During the "trial month" they were open to each other and tried very hard. They showed each other's family pages and got to know their loved ones. At the end of the experiment, they were a bit skeptical, just in case.

Maybe in a month the spell comes off Adrian expressed his concerns.

However, this did not happen, and on the day of the decision the spouses met with experts holding hands.

We are no longer an experiment, we are just a couple. I started thinking about the future, about planning. I chose the distance thanks to adrian – said Anita.

She showed me how to enjoy the little things – Adrian added.

Shortly before the announcement of the decision, they thanked for the moments together.

I would like to thank you for the courage in life, for reporting on this program. Thank you for taking this seriously. All ahead of us – – said Anita.

Thank you for showing me the meaning of what I lost. Thanks to you, I have a smile on my face. I want to meet you and create everything that is written to us – – picked up Adrian, kissing his wife.

They both decided to stay married. Finally Adrian suggested to Anike. A month later, TVN TVs visited a couple.

I do not regret the decision to participate in the experiment, I am happy – admitted the man.

We get to know each other it was the first quarrel, the first difference of opinion. We are looking for our place, we do not want to rush. We want to be together, we want to try – said Anita.

Finally adrian he touched his wife's belly asking if he feels good, and everything is alright, what was supposed to suggest … they are expecting a baby. It remains to congratulate.

Meanwhile, TVN is already announcing the set for the next release. Do you think there will be a lot of volunteers?

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Screen – Facebook / Wedding at a glance TVNScreen – Facebook / Wedding at a glance TVNScreen – Facebook / Wedding at a glance TVN
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