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The end of FIFA points in Belgium

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Electronic Arts was forced to suspend FIFA points in Belgium. From now on, those players who play in FUT mode will not be able to “help” real money in unlocking new content.

In September 2018, we informed you that after the April verdict of the Belgian Games Commission, in which the Lootboxes were called gambling, The company Electronic Arts was the only one who decided to speak out against the government and go straight to court; In the meantime, the Belgian players who play in the FIFA Ultimate Team could acquire random player packages without any obstacles. Obviously things didn't go to the publisher’s head. As you can read in today's statement, after January 31, 2019, the Belgians will no longer be able to acquire FIFA points.

obviously The FIFA Ultimate Team mode itself will remain available, and players will retain access to existing players.In addition, people who have accumulated FIFA points in their accounts will be able to spend them. The remaining players unlock new content only during the game.

It is worth noting that Electronic Arts still puts its own and indicates that it does not agree with the decision of the Belgian government. The publisher also claims that this step will not affect its financial results.

Belgian players no longer need to enter their wallet while playing FIFA Points. - End of FIFA Points in Belgium - news - 2019-01-29

Belgian players no longer need to enter their wallet while playing FIFA Points.

Recall that in April, not only the series was put under the magnifying glass of the Belgian government FIFAbut also Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and cycle NBA 2K, While Blizzard was surprised by this decision, 2K Games encouraged fans to write petitions, and eventually both companies stopped selling Luthboxes in their works. The end of the end, “rebellious” Electronic Arts was also forced to do so. Time will tell whether the ban on trading FIFA points in Belgium will lead to a similar fate in other markets of the European Union.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please also indicate EA Sportswhich the law firm Transtica issued in November to the Polish Ministry of Finance, the customs service and the Warsaw Fiscal Control DepartmentIts author, Tom Rollower, claimed that the publisher violated “our” gambling law. Ultimately, however, the Ministry of Finance decided that “the mandatory wording of the Gambling Law, which contains a closed catalog of such games, does not allow for the recognition of boxes of loot as gambling” (via Rzeczpospolita).

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