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Retirement for mothers with four children. Mama 4+ program [ZASADY, KWOTY – 30.01.2019]

The case of the so-called maternity pension should have been held a week ago, but the question was postponed until next week. Earlier, MRPiPS published a statement that “in the draft law on the budget for 2019, funds for the provision of additional parental benefits are provided”. The announcement also shows that the date when the law on so-called Maternity Pensions came into force was agreed by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers on March 1, 2019.

The Ministry of Labor – and not only – may wish the maternity pension law to enter into force on March 1.
If only to "cover up" the notorious case of the draft law on domestic violence, which was quickly recalled due to the controversial position regarding the definition of domestic violence. The impact assessment of the latest edition of the law shows that the cost of paying maternity pensions this year will be 674 million PLN.

Retirement for mothers with four children. The program Mama 4 Plus – rules

Mom 4 plus service prepared for people who have not completed the minimum work experience (20 years), so that they do not get the right to retirement pension. The allowance will be awarded from March 1, that is, after indexation, and will be 1100 zlotys (1029 before valorization).

The allowance will be granted to women who have reached retirement age, who have given birth and raised at least four children. In special cases, fathers will also be eligible for benefits. It will also be available to foreigners after certain conditions have been met (they have been in the country for at least 10 years, counting from the age of 16)

“The maternity retirement project meets expectations and is decisive,” said Minister Elzbieta Rafalska.

– I want to emphasize that mothers are raising children who are in the future. That is why the government is introducing another family-oriented program, ”added Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky.

Benefit must be granted:

  • a mother who bore and raised or raised at least four children;
  • a father who raised at least four children in the event of the death of the mother’s children or the abandonment of the children by the mother


Retirement for moms – criteria, rules

The allowance is due to the fact that he / she lives in Poland during its collection. He will not be able to download it:

  • a person who was deprived of parental rights by a court or whose court restricted parental authority by placing a child in foster care;
  • in the case of a long-term cessation of the education of minor children;
  • when, after granting the benefit, the person who receives it is temporarily arrested or imprisoned or in a detox center around the clock for people dependent on alcohol, drugs or other means
  • drugs.

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