Friday , January 22 2021

PKN Orlen wants to move the stock market. The company has discounts on stock fuel.

“We are one of the largest issuers listed on the WSE, which obliges and motivates action,” says Daniel Obaytek, President of PKN Orlen, in an interview with We spoke with President Orlen during Congress 590 in Rzeszow.

Why did the company create a special program for individual investors? – We want to encourage the Poles to be more active and earn money through conscious investment in the capital market. This is important, especially in the context of the dynamic development of the Polish economy and the improvement of most economic indicators, explains Obaytek.

As the president stresses, the idea of ​​the program is simple. Individual shareholders can take advantage of exceptional privileges, that is, discounts on fuel and products purchased at the stations. – This will lead to a certain savings, several hundred zlotys a year. Thus, we want to distinguish those who use our services and offers on a daily basis, but consider our company's shares as a long-term investment, explains Daniel Obaytek.

The participant of the program is anyone who for a period of at least one month keeps a package of 50 shares of PKN Orlen on his brokerage account in Dom Maklerski PKO Bank Polski.

“Shareholders who meet this condition will be able to take advantage of a 15 percent discount on every liter of Verva fuel and a 10 penny discount on every liter of Efect fuel,” Obajtek explains. – Participation in the program will save up to 540 zł on fuel per year, he adds.

PKN Orlen hopes that, thanks to the Orlen Portfolio loyalty program, the number of individual investors (registered at general meetings) will increase to about 20,000 people during the year. This will mean that the proposal will benefit 10,000 people. new investors.

You can listen to information about the program and its future in a video call.

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