Wednesday , January 20 2021

Andrzej Juskuvyak on the success of the youth representation of Poland

Andrzej Yuskuwiak believes that the youth team recorded a sensational result. “In order to be promoted to the European Championships, you must make such surprises as the one that Cheslav Mikhnevich’s team has reached,” said PAP Juskowiak PAP.

He recalled that success is so valuable that the first match in Chorzów was won by the Portuguese team (1: 0). – Today we liquidated the world tycoon. Success is all the more valuable because the youth teams from Portugal are very demanding teams, he added.

He noted that the Poles managed to surprise the Portuguese in the first half. – It was a real demolition. Scoring three goals in any team from Portugal is a great achievement.

The former representative of Poland noted that several Portuguese had already played in their first team. – This success is important. Adds spirit and builds. In the near future, our youth players should join the ranks of the first team, ”Yuskuviak concluded.

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