Tuesday , January 26 2021

Youtube: Thaísa Leal released as youtuber, and Paolo Guerrero gives him full support | VIDEO

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Thaísa Leal – the current pair of Peruvian scorers Paolo Guerrero, The Predator Bride is a nutritionist by profession, so she decided to go to YouTube and launched her own channel where she would provide advice
lead a healthy lifestyle.

Brazilian in her first video demonstrated the admiration of the market in her country, where she showed that a healthy life is not expensive compared to processed foods. Through your account Instagram, “Garota” shared a link to its first video on Instagram.

Paolo Guerrero He showed his full support for his girlfriend because, thanks to the “history of the instagram,” the captain of the Peruvian national team helped spread the first audio-visual material of his sentimental partner.

loyal He appreciated the gesture of the former player Flamengo, because he wrote “My love, thank you for helping me so much and for all your support,” accompanying the text with an image of both.


Nutritionist noted that every Monday and Thursday she will launch a new video on YouTube. In the meantime, at its premiere, it did not go badly, because until now it had 24,000 reproductions.

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