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Ventanilla: A teenager killed three former stepfathers who kidnapped and tried to rape her | Photo 1 of 6 | lime

He became his shadow. She bothered her for a year, morning, noon and night, waiting for her when she left school, near her home. Only 14 years old, she lived in fear and felt insecure. Last Saturday, the corrupt, former partner of the mother of a minor, kidnapped her and took her to his house in Ventanilla. When i tried abuse sexually, the teenager pulled out a revolver, defended himself and shot three bullets.

The persecution, in which the schoolgirl was the victim, was registered on July 20 at the police station of the above-mentioned district. On that day, her mother, whose name we would keep in reserve to protect the minor’s identity, condemned her former partner Cesar Almeida Farro (41) for harassment and persecution of her younger daughter.

Despite this denunciation, the subject continued to pursue teenagerThis is so that last Saturday, at 5:30, Almeida intercepted a school playing in the park. He drove her onto his motorcycle taxi and took her to the second floor of a house located on Calle 30, in Ventanilla Alta. There he wanted to rape her.

When it was 5:50 pm, the neighbors heard three shots. Roger Silva, the owner of the property, said that when he heard the shells, he went up to the second floor and saw Almeida’s half-naked and lifeless body on the floor. A few steps from the teenager was completely scared. He used his grandfather's revolver, a retired cop.

Agents Depincri de Ventanilla They went to the scene and saved the minor. An officer of this unit said that she told them that "she was afraid of being killed by her mother's ex-partner and that she only defended herself so as not to be offended." Now it is in the hands of the Callao family prosecutor’s office.


We consulted on this terrible case of the dean of the college of psychologists Lima and Callao Daniel Villarrel, who told us that the teenager acted because she lived in the midst of "extreme and strong fear."

“Apparently, no one listened to her, no one helped her. Obviously, she had an extreme fear of this man and he defended herself because there was no one on her. You will need psychological treatment, ”he said. He added that the minor was always a victim, felt unprotected and suffered great psychological damage.

Regarding the legal status of the school, the criminal Mario Amoretti indicated that the crime could not be attributed to her, because she acted in self-defense.

“He is free from any criminal liability because he was a victim of attempted rape. She acted in self defense. Previous charges and the prohibitive procedure of the aggressor work as a background to verify that she was a victim sexual harassment"He said.

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