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September 30, 2019, 5:00 a.m.

Jocelyn Herrera

The woman was a key figure to capture the runaway former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Carlos Jose Burgos Horna (58) last Friday night in a hostel in San Martin de Porres,

This is the dancer and singer Leidi Garcia Becerril (32 years old), who was previously associated with the former burgomaster. 2013 journalistic investigations revealed that his company, Mega Taller Perú Automotriz S.A.C. He received luscious contracts with this commune and, in addition, recorded trips to Europe coincidentally on the same dates as the then bourgeois master.

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At present, the relationship seems to be maintained, as the young artist works as a promoter of Los Emprendedores 2 School in Jicamarca, in San Juan de Lurigancho, which belongs to one of the companies in Burgos.

Van gave them away

After observing the patient, detectives from the Dirinkri kidnapping department were able to find that the young woman's F3Y-182 truck left the aforementioned educational center and drove into the Megaplaza de Independencia shopping center.

To mislead those who assumed they were following her, Garcia made a purchase and a few minutes later climbed into the AYT-179 truck, which is listed as belonging to Persian Vargas Rodriguez (33 years old), one of Burgos's bodyguards. In this car, both drove into the Los Dos en el Mundo hostel on Universitetskiy Avenue, near the intersection with Alisos Avenue, where the fugitive lived for three months in three rooms equipped as a mini-apartment on the third floor.

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On Sunday morning, Persin and his brothers Lenin and Carlos were placed at the disposal of the third prosecutor of Northern Lima to commit a cover-up crime. They also worked as college teachers. burghs. The same fate befell the barracks of the Venezuelan Leonel Braites Godoy (22).

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