Thursday , January 28 2021

Van Dyck comforted a weeping judge after the battle

Liverpool striker Virgil van Dyck scored 2-2 on the volley two seconds before the full game against Germany and won the League of Nations group.

Comforted the judge

The bill was worth gold for the Dutch national team, which for several years had been knocked down. But after the victory, which sends the Netherlands to the final game of victory in the League of Nations, captain Van Dyck also celebrated
what he did after the game.

Judge Ovidiu Hetegan was clearly different tears on the field. Van Dyke approached the Romanian blower and hugged him.

He broke down and wept, because he just lost his mother. I wanted his strength and said he appreciated well. It's a small thing, but it can help him, ”said Van Dyke, according to Voetbal International.

Lapp changed everything

The Netherlands seemed to be at home in Amsterdam, but the team race from the training team helped give up the status of the group. In search of an important equation, assistant Dwight Lodewegez came up with a plan to identify
Landscape design by Ronald Cuman. This meant moving Van Dyck to a point.

“I received a patch from Dwight Lodweg and Kees van Vondenen. When we were under 0-2, they asked me if we would change things, and I said yes. The next moment I had a patch. So I gave it to Kenny. And finally, it was awesome
that the alignment came from the player who was told from above, ”said Kuman, according to

Now the Netherlands will be in the last four matches with England, Switzerland and Portugal.

– This is a great feeling. We should be proud. I am proud of the team. We worked a lot. We spent time and they succeeded. We are very happy to win in the group and play in the "final four". This is also a great feeling.
everything. We worked so hard in all matches. “Paying for it is amazing,” says Van Dyke.

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