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The hands of boys handball players will make the national team boss respond: – We feel powerless

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Two of the three games in the group game begin at 21:00 during the European Championship in France, starting next week.

After the matches, players and coaches have an extensive program, regardless of whether they lost or won.

The player who responds strongly to the layout is coach Thorir Gergeirsson.

“We feel powerless. There are no professionals whom I know, who are asked if late night games are suitable. I mean, they start too late, but we will do our best. We will be the best team to do this, ”said the national manager.

Seeking peace

When all this is done, the clock is set against two at night.

“No one can lie down and just sleep right after such a long day. It takes a long time before they find peace, but individually, as players decide it. This requires, says Gergeirsson.

He says that the whole program needs to be pressed the next day. Players are then allowed to sleep until late morning. Breakfast can be the 10th time.

The national trainer says that battletime is commercially controlled for television and market forces. He believes that, purely professional, should not start fighting after 19:00.

“We better sleep at night, and if someone needs it, it's a rest.

This suggests that the players

Players have different ideas about what late matches mean. Vilde Ingstad and Thea Mørk believe that "there is little in common with" the time of late combat operations and that they only need to try to cope with the situation as effectively as possible. Other players are more critical.

“We have to turn around the clock, but it's only good that we can sleep in the morning,” says Veronica Kristiansen.

“The fights are going too late, I usually get very restless in my body when I am going to sleep later,” says Martha Tomak.

Forward Kari Bratzet more indifferent.

“I like to play before the day, but for me it's not a big problem.

Wanting good delivery time

Anne Tufte is a sports manager at the Nordic Entertainment Group and TV3. She hopes that handball people will cope with late matches.

– Television companies want timely matches. We are well aware that from a sports point of view, this creates some problems with such late fights. This is an international legal company as a specific broadcast time, not TV3. Nevertheless, we are confident that the Norwegian handball players will cope with this excellent way.

Halls must be emptied and filled.

– The hostess of France has a different ticket system than we are used to. They sell the battle for the battle, which means that the halls must be emptied and filled up, ”said Ole Yorstad, a member of the European Handball Federation (EHF).

He says that French television connected with French television, which has its main production, has certain times.

Yorstad believes that the players of the national team will decide the time with licensees when in Norway two EMs will be installed in 2020.

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