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The Golden Horn is under the hammer: think of a new Norwegian recorder – Art – Private

On Tuesday evening, Theodore Kittelsen's painting The Golden Hornet since 1903 is sold at the Blomqvist Kunsthandel auction in Oslo.

The work has a prize of 4-5 thousand crowns and is known as one of the unknown masterpieces of the artist.

It has not been shown to the public since 1964.

Art expert Gunnar Krog-Hansen at Blomqvist Kunsthandel believes this is all true for the prices of paintings sold in Norway to get into it.

“I think we will see that the price of Norwegian paintings is beaten. It is rare that he shows high-quality work from Kittelsen, Krogh-Hansen says E24.

The most expensive piece of Kittelsen, which was sold earlier in Norway, is the watercolor “Dompap on the rim kvist”, which was sold for 1.3 million kroons in 2002.

The most expensive painting sold in Norway

The most expensive painting ever sold in Norway is “Bridal Crown Bestemor”, which was painted by Adolf Tiedmand in 1869. She hit the hammer in 2002 at 6.2 million. And the price, including salary, ended at 7.7 million.

The most expensive visual art that was sold in Norway is the seal of Edvard Munch. The “Hammer” award in 2007 for the three-part “Vampire” was 11.8 million Norwegian crowns. Including the salary paid to the buyer 14,1 million. For work.

Several other Munch presses were sold for prices between 7 and 9 million NOK in Norway.

“Usually the paintings are expensive, but the seal of Munch is in a special position,” says Krogh-Hansen.

Sold at auction in New York or London

The most expensive works Munch, which were sold, were at auction in New York or London.

The version of “Vampire”, pastel, was the first picture sold at auction for more than 100 million dollars. The work was sold at Sotheby & # 39; s in New York in 2012 for 107 million dollars, which is equivalent to more than 900 million dollars. The final price, including the salar, was $ 119,922,500, or more than $ 1 billion.

Among the most expensive paintings that were sold in Norway, we also find the "Evening" by Lars Gerterwig. The work was sold in 2008 for 3.8 million Norwegian crowns and more than 4 million Norwegian crowns, including salary.

Listed in the top list of the most expensive paintings sold in Norway, is also "Frogner Hovedgård", signed by I.C. Dal. The work was sold for 3.3 million crowns in 1998. Including salar, the sale price was 4.1 million NOK.

See art expert Gunnar Krogh-Hansen about Theodore Kittelsen – The Golden Hornet (1903) in the video from Blomqvist Kunsthandel in Vimeo:

– Everyone should go see

The National Gallery has the largest collection of works by Theodore Kittelsen.

Art expert Ellen Lerberg believes that the Golden Horn is a unique work.

“Most people who live today have not seen this picture. It has been owned by a private owner for many years and has not been shown to the public since 1964, says Lerberg E24.

She thinks it's awesome, which again seems public.

“Everyone can't buy it, but everyone has to go to Blomkvist,” says Lerberg.

She points out that there is a big picture and that the condition is not bad. This is a traditional oil on canvas. With frame 136 x 186 cm.

“It's amazing to see how the hands of witches and tusov go to the scrub. And the frame is outstanding, cut by Kittelsen himself, – says Lerberg.

The kitten had a very large production of drawings and watercolors, and perhaps the most famous of them.

The artist illustrated the folk tales of Asbjørnsen and Mo.

“He told us how the trolls look like in their illustrations,” says Lerberg.

She believes that Kittelsen had a great influence on the soul of the Norwegian people.

Read on your money: it makes a work of art valuable.

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