Thursday , January 28 2021

Nexans won a $ 1.45 billion contract

Today, many countries are using renewable energy to counter climate change, one of the biggest problems in the world. In Europe, 16.8 GW of wind power capacity was installed in Europe, which was the second largest form of electricity production in the region. One of the newest and most promising wind power plants is the Hornsea 2 of Ørsted project.


The 1.4 GW farm is located in the North Sea, approx. It is 89 km off the coast of Yorkshire and will be the largest in the world when it is commissioned. Hornsea 2, a subsidiary of Hornsea 1, will provide enough power to meet the needs of 1.3 million households.

The wind farm will be landed using Nexans three-phase HVAC marine cables. These PEX 245 kV cables will be part of the coastal part of the export circuit and will connect the transformer station of the wind farm with the substation on land. The scheme will consist of three separate export cables and will follow a similar route as Hornsea 1, since Nexans had previously provided a 139-kilometer three-phase 36 kV export cable. The cable is seated at the Horseshoe Point, from which ground cables supply the transformer station at North Killingholm.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.


“For decades, Nexans has been a key player in the offshore wind power market and is renowned for its leading technical expertise in providing key solutions for new generations of offshore wind farms,” said Vincent Dessale, senior executive vice president of Subsea and Land Nexans Systems Business Group . “Thanks to our experience and our long-term cooperation with Ørsted as a base, we are pleased to participate in the construction of the world's largest wind power plant.

Cables for the Hornsea 2 project will be manufactured at Nexans' Halden factory in Norway.

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