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New TV Lost In Time Lost: “It was a hard spring and summer

Last October, it was confirmed that the entertainment program “Lost in Time”, which was broadcast on TVNorge this year, was sold to the international television station Dubai TV for display in 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. As well as
FremantleMedia will present the Future Group (TFG) two seasons with a 26 episode of the program from its offices in Nidalalen.

In March, Shifter announced that production was postponed and is now confirmed by The Future Group
that the Arabic "Lost in Time" will not be at all.

“We went through a rather large-scale restructuring stage, in which we changed part of the business model. The most important change is that we do not accept
content risk, that is, we provide only software and creative services, we do not help in the creation of content or its financing. This was due to the fact that production in Dubai was suspended this spring, and this
now stops, says Halvor Wesley, general manager of the Future group, for the campaign.

Wisley refers to the restructuring of the company, made in the spring, where 69 employees were supposed to go, in addition to the founders of Bård Anders
Kasin and Jens Petter Hoyi disappeared from the leadership.

“It was a difficult spring and summer, and this process affects everyone, both those who must leave the company and those who remain. Turning this company into a return
joy and will to success. Today we have a good team of 50 people in Norway and the United States, and we will praise our employees for their struggle in difficult times, commenting on the Wesley.

“We are proud of the technology and format

According to DN, The Future Group has spent more than 500 million NOK since its launch in 2015 – most of the development and production of Lost in Time. The TV concept received only one season on TVNorge due to technical issues.
and make the number of viewers. Despite this, the program received the Golden Route award for best graphic design in the spring.

– You are too well lit concept?

– If “Lost in Time” returns or not, we do not want to comment.
currently. We are proud of the technology and format, despite the problems that we had in our pilot project in Norway. Our partner Fremantle is still clear that at the intersection of technology and technology
entertainment is obviously an exciting future, Wisley replies.

– Still good friends

The concept of "Lost in Time" belongs to The Future Group together with the manufacturing company FremantleMedia. TVNorge also had to
inside the property, when the concept was sold in Dubai television, but it does not want TFG to go into details.

– What the full ownership of Lost In Time looks like, we don’t want to go into details, except that there are more parties
and that everyone is still good friends.

The Lost in Time Production Agreement for the Arab market was signed with Dubai Media Incorporated, which is a state-owned media agency in Dubai and owns several
print media, radio and television channels, including Dubai television.

“We also have good relations with Dubai TV, despite the fact that we have not fully achieved this project,” says Wesley.


Won with one season:

Program Editor Fridtjof Nielsen in the Norwegian version of Lost in Time. Until now, it was the only season when the television concept was on the air, now that the program does not end on Arabic television.

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