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“Farmen” – Silva won “Torpets” – promises a re-score

WOMAN'S FAMILIES: Sølvi Monsen has released an anniversary. T.h .: Charlie Stewart, who became the second number in the Torpeet, who won.
WOMAN'S FAMILIES: Sølvi Monsen has released an anniversary. T.h .: Charlie Stewart, who became the second number in the Torpeet, who won. Photo: Birgitte Thorshaug Kristiansen / TV 2

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Sølvi Monsen (55) broke Charlie Stewart (32) and Lasse Bergseter (51) – thus providing new chances to win at Farmen.

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After a nervous finale in the form of knowledge competitions, Solvie could free an anniversary. The episode was shown on TV 2 Sumo. Monday 18th

– I'll be back when I enter! Yes, yes, she exclaimed with joy when it became clear that she won.

– I said I'll be back again! Hell. Revenge. Payback time! Hey, this one was awesome. Oh dang.

During the visit of Farmen, the glossary was resolved in Finnmarkingen. The closest Torpet finale

“Usually I’m not a banner, but Farman, but when I study or break up, there are a few juicy words, she explains VG

She gladly admits that the mourners Charlie and Lasse felt amazing.

“I looked at them as strong competitors, so it was great to win them. Both are good, and I had a great time with them on Torpet.

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Lasse got six points in a ten-question contest, Charlie had seven – and Solvi knocked on eight points.

“Guess if the other Solvie Monsen will come than she came out,” said the apple piece Sølvi in ​​the episode, and with a decisive step she headed back to the Farmen farm.

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“Now there is a small fiery financial marketing that will make a way to sell, and which has some secrets during sleep that she can use or abuse her. And I will do everything that is worth, betrayed Solvi for the television camera.

Romance in secret

At the same time, Solvie meant that she was right, before leaving the farm, whispered in her ear Tonje Frøystad Garvik (29), that she and Lena Sleyperud (29) friendsHe kept a pair hidden from others.

“The plan was to use this secret, since Tonje told me to get a ticket to the final. Tonje and Lena played a very good game. The fact that they held on for so long is impressive, says Solvie VG.

She is not bitter for bringing her light.

"This is a game, and everyone wants to play to as long as possible." Tonya and Lena are very good people, and today we are good friends, she assures.

Brought with you? "They played on the feelings of katel

Sølvi does not enjoy the use of mystery. When the participants on Sunday learned that the former rival would return to the farm after defeating Torpet, they decided to devour the remaining competitors – just fearing that Solvi would appear again and blow away the secret before they delivered it.

Lena to VG: – Can absolutely fall in love with the boy?

Lasse Bergseter who created a sensation on Farmen in 2016, was with “Torpet” from the very beginning, but was hit by the finish line.

“It’s like when Nortug takes the second place, I’m a bit tuned and bitter,” he told V.G.

– Of course, it was very boring. I sat there for eight weeks and was so close.

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Less baya

If he had entered the farm, the plan should have appeared in a little more “Lasse style”. In Torpet, he was quieter than the television show he witnessed two years ago.

“This time I promised that my dear would not be so beaten. Both she and my boss said that I don’t need to make a TV twice in a row, he laughs.

“But her Finnmark came and destroyed the plan. In any case, it was an experience.

– Could it be after this "Farman"?

“Yes, it must be“ celebrity Farman. ” But I'm not really there. However, one can never say never. When I see what people are there, I understand that the trial was held, Lasse also liked.


Irene Galle (35), which smoked from the farm on sunday evening, ended in a new match on Torpet. There, she had to compete with Charlie in the "nail", in terms of remembering and treating three outbreaks.

However, she went for a juicy smell and pinned everything in the mirror. When the final defeat was a fact, she cried, writes,

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