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The genetics responsible for our study of tea or coffee preferences show

It is associated with Brussels sprouts.

If you ever get a dedicated coffee drinker and a dedicated tea drinker arguing about whose drink is better, you will never see bigger, more sanctimonious fanatics falling in your life.

What for? Because people are either on the coffee team, or on team tea. There is no place for waffles or openness. You like the way your green tea is organic or your coffee is a slow drop, filtered from 91 to 96 degrees Celsius.

Apparently, this is because when it comes to preference for coffee or tea, there is no free will. According to genetics, Scientific reports magazine.


Whether it's heart or hate coffee, it all depends on your genes. Photo: iStock

Bring in Brussels Sprouts

Scientists analyzed data from 400,000 participants to see how people's brains perceive bitter tastes. They believed that the preference for coffee tea was due to this particular taste.

It turns out that the Brussels sprouts were an ideal testing tool because it contains a compound called propylthiouracil (prop), which can give the vegetables its bitter taste. People who discovered that the sprouts in Brussels were bitter also preferred tea over coffee. The opposite was true for the group that found the vegetable sweet.

The researchers also found that those people who perceived more bitterness in Brussels sprouts (team tea) also tend to drink less alcohol.

However, people who loved their coffee strong and bitter tend to drink more than four cups a day (coffee, not drink!).

The mystery is solved!

It seems, as it were, something like. Researchers have put the tendency of bitter lovers to drink more coffee before the behavior studied.

“Given that people generally avoid bitter tastes, we interpret these data as possible scientific behavior,” said study co-author Dr. Marilyn Cornelis. The keeper. “If we can feel the caffeine well, we will associate this with the psychostimulatory properties of caffeine and therefore we are looking for more coffee.”

For tea, the conclusions were not so straightforward. “Our tastes partially play a part in how much coffee, tea or alcohol we drink. Preference for tea can be seen as a consequence of giving up coffee, because our genes could make coffee too bitter for our tastes. "

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