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Feds Warned Tekashi69 His life was in jeopardy, then he was charged

Two days before the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was charged with charges of racketeering and firearms, federal agents visited him to warn that his life was in danger.

Several of his associates, who had just been fired and criticized them on a radio show, were heard at the audition, which said that they wanted to "super-upset" him, the researchers said.

Agents brought a 22-year-old star to Homeland Security headquarters in New York, explained the situation and offered to put him in a hotel, but Tekashi 6ix9ine rejected the offer and returned home, where authorities kept him under round-the-clock surveillance,

It ended on Monday when Tekashi, whose real name was Daniel Hernandez, was arrested and taken to federal court in Manhattan for six counts that could hold him for decades.

According to the indictment, the artist, who was born in Brooklyn, is a member of Nine Trey Gangsta Blood, a gang that allegedly sold fentanyl and other drugs and was engaged in "brazen acts of violence," said Manhattan attorney in the US, Jeffrey Berman.

Court documents state that Tekashi was not a simple leader. In April 2018, he allegedly took part in a robbery attack from rivals Nine Trey in Midtown Manhattan, shooting a video from a nearby car. According to prosecutors, he even took the stolen backpack to his apartment, where investigators found him – the victim's identification number is still inside – during a search this fall. Also restored gun AR-15.

That same month, Tekashi was photographed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with Fughuani’s assistant, Fu Bang, Lovik, who is accused of shooting rival gangs.

Three months later, prosecutors said that Tekashi and his team agreed to shoot someone who did not respect the gang. The result was an innocent bystander who was injured on a barbecue in Brooklyn.

However, whatever solidarity among the well-known members of the Nine Trey seemed to evaporate when Tekashi suddenly announced that he was managing the manager Kifano "Shotti" of Jordan and other members of his team and canceled his planned tour.

Tekashi’s mother, fighting off tears, was carefully guarded by agents in her proposal on Monday, protecting her from retaliation by the relatives of his five defendants.

In addition to Lovic and Jordan, the indictment accused Fachem of “Krippi” Walter, who had previously been charged with assaulting a gang after a confrontation at the Tekashi celebration, which left him wounded; Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones; and Jenzel "Ish" Butler.

Tekashi, a piece of his rainbow hair drawn from his heavy tattooed face, seemed shaken as he sat on the court, his hands were clenched and his eyes were closed at points. He answered the judge's questions in a soft, polite voice that seemed nothing more than his aggressive scene.

His lawyer, who had previously denied that his client was in a gang, noted that the prosecutors had not provided any evidence that he had shot the gun or had committed an act of violence.

He offered to pay $ 1.1 million in cash for bail, but the judge ordered him to be held until the next trial date. If he is convicted of all charges, he will be charged a mandatory minimum period of 32 years.

Before the arrest of Racket Tekashi, he had already passed a probationary period, pleading guilty to the fact that he had charged him with creating a video of a 13-year-old teenager for sexual activity in 2015.

The rapper admitted in detail the sexual crime, but escaped imprisonment as a young criminal – demanding that he remain without problems. But law enforcement agencies have entered its orbit several times since.

The police claim that he left his punishment in this case with the “car of famous gang members”. And on November 8, shooting interrupted his video shooting in Beverly Hills, in which Kanye West and Niki Minai took part.

Last week, Tekashi appeared in a Brooklyn criminal court on charges of indiscriminate behavior related to the incident in May, when an officer was allegedly injured after stopping him to drive with a suspended license. He was fined $ 120.

In his agreement of consent for 2015, he had to demonstrate that “the crime he committed was the result of a serious mistake he made in his youth, which does not indicate a legal life that he intended to lead as an adult,” according to the memorandum written last month by the Manhattan District Attorney.

“Since the defendant was found guilty on October 20, 2015, he has not only become a successful production designer, but now he is an arrogant member of the violent gang 9 Trey Bloods,” the memorandum said, noting that such affiliation “ rehabilitation.

“He was arrested several times for the crimes he committed this year,” and “he exacerbated his own violent behavior using his public platform and significant follow-up to provoke and propagandize violent incidents,” according to the memorandum.

A July 28 video posted to his Instagram account shows that Tekashi gets into a car in Miami, picking up what seems like an automatic weapon, and says: “Trey Way!”

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