Sunday , January 24 2021

“VVD wants to end the political role in the asylum decision”

VVD wants a member of the asylum cabinet to no longer be able to provide asylum seekers who have exhausted all remedies, De Telegraaf writes. According to the newspaper, the government party wants to get rid of this so-called discretionary power.

MP Azmani says in De Telegraaf that the current practice is unfair and puts undue pressure on the shoulders of the asylum secretary of state. This is now VVD & er Mark Harbers. He used his discretionary powers, in particular, for Lily and Howick, Armenian children who were allowed to stay in the Netherlands after the protests and media attention.

According to Azmani, the last word in such matters should not lie in politics. "It is impossible to verify who is trying to influence",He says. Azmani stresses that the consideration of asylum decisions is a matter for the judge.

Hundreds of cases in recent years

In September, data from the Ministry of Justice and Security showed that Harbers used discretionary power in 26 cases from October 2017 to September 2018. As a result, 59 asylum seekers who have exhausted all remedies may remain in the Netherlands. The predecessor of Harbers, the current leader of the VVD party, Klaas Diyhoff, gave 240 people a residence permit in two years.

The House of Representatives discusses on Tuesday the plans of the Ministry of Justice and Security, which cover asylum issues.

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