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[Update II] Ziich can not be used for two weeks

Hakim Zieh does not take precautions on Tuesday when Morocco takes Tunisia. Ajax Flavor has a sting on the knee and remains on the side. This was announced by Anuar Amrani, who works in Fox sports,

On Saturday, Morocco officially qualified for the African Cup due to a good result in the match between Malawi and the Comoros, the day before Ziyek was twice accurate against Cameroon and on Tuesday Ziich initially assumed office against Tunisia. However, Interlend is transferred to Ajax because he suffers from knee complaints. It is unclear how the Ajax player suffered from these complaints, but he is confident that he will not take any action on Tuesday.

In the previous international season, Ziyek was still in good agreement between the Moroccan Football Association and Ajax in Amsterdam. At this time, the attacker midfielder injured hamstring. After the inter-valley break, Ziyek was again available, whether it would be so again is still uncertain.

Update – 13.20 hours (November 18, 2018) – “Ziich returns earlier to Ajax”

Hakim Zieh returns to Ajax earlier because of knee problems incurred in an international match against Morocco. This report presents a variety of national media, including De telegraafEarlier on Sunday it became clear that Ziyek would not take action during the international match between Morocco and Tunisia. He reports on Monday to the Ajax medical staff, the club reports through its official channels.

Update II – 18:00 (November 19, 2018) – Zieh can not be used for two weeks

Studies in the hospital showed that Hakim Ziyek stumbled upon the inner lane of his right knee. Ajax lets you know through official channelsAs a result, the Moroccan International will not be deployed in the next two weeks, which means that it must shoot at the Champions League match with AEK Athens.

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