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Molloten couples ask OM who is Mole? | entertainment

State Attorney's Office in The Hague left Tuesday twitter Know that you received an e-mail asking if it is possible to officially classify the theft of jokers in the program as theft.

Jokers can be used in a game in which candidates must put a traitor to the team in order to compensate for incorrectly answered questions in the quiz. Candidates appeared in the previous episode. Nilsson and Sarah Chronis Joker stole celebrity NGOs Evelyn de bruin,

A spokeswoman for Marilyn Fikenscher says he doesn’t receive such letters often. “It wasn’t quite clear to me exactly what the Mollotw wanted to get with this information,” she says with a laugh. “But we sent a very friendly reply. The only good answer in this case seems to us: it's just a game. ”

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