Tuesday , January 26 2021

Flemish gas stations stand without fuel in protest …

Consequences of blockade of walled fuel depots are now also noticeable in Flanders. Not only long lines at petrol stations on our side of the linguistic boundary, there is also a shortage of supply at different petrol stations. Meanwhile, the storage in Vilvoorde is also locked.

In a protest against high diesel prices, “yellow vests” for several days blocked fuel bases in various locations in Wallonia. The unfortunate consequences of this are now felt in both Flanders and Brussels.

For example, diesel pumps at two Shell petrol stations were dry from Wednesday morning. A direct consequence of the actions of "yellow vests", says Shell VTM NewsThere is a list of priorities for gas stations, it still sounds. First drive on the highway. This means that some stations can be left without diesel fuel.

Blockades also suffer from Total. In Flanders and Wallonia, there are about 80 general-purpose stations without gasoline or diesel fuel.

Vilvord blocked

The campaign of "yellow vests" is now beyond the limits of Wallonia. The campaigns blocked the depot in Vilvoorde on Thursday afternoon, reporting various sources.

"Instead of the rule"

However, the situation is “the exception rather than the rule,” says Johan Mattart, general manager of Brafco (Belgian Federation of Fuel Dealers), to our editors. According to Mattart, it’s possible that the Flemish gas stations ran out of fuel. In the end, the blockade spoiled the delivery planning. But: “The situation has improved compared with yesterday, when several repositories in Wallonia opened again. We do not want to engage in intimidation. ”

Fuel depots

Many Walloon fuel dealers supply themselves in Flanders and Brussels through campaigns. Primarily, these are mainly storage sites close to the language boundary, for example, Vilvoorde or Neder nad Hembeik, but if waiting times are too long or warehouses cannot be sufficiently secured, fuel dealers move further into the country.


The “yellow vests” protest on the E19 motorway near Felouy ended on Wednesday. The highway was again blocked in both directions, and the demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails and stones at the police. 39 people were arrested.

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