Wednesday , January 20 2021

Morning – The Digital Universe challenges Casablanca Finance City

Univers Digital has a second store in Casablanca. This hotel is located opposite Casablanca Finance City. The only Casablanca specialist in Casablanca and the entire ecosystem around the brand’s products since 1985, Universal Digital has chosen “closer to its customers and better serve them.”
Coverage of more than 300 m², the new store is designed in a “clean” design, observing international standards to highlight the displayed products and make the client’s work “as pleasant as possible.” Merchandising and “more diverse” traffic with a wide selection of Apple hardware, software, connected devices, peripherals and accessories, games, cameras and computer luggage. Univers Digital also offers a “Solutions and Services” space to welcome its customers and solve all their problems, from simple in-store repair software to changing parts in certified technical workshops. “We offer comprehensive support, ranging from consulting to after-sales service, through several services offered and paid for abroad. This will make it easier for our customers to change their IT devices and smartphones and make sure their purchase is as useful and successful as possible, ”said Amal Moukite, CEO of Univers Digital, whose goal is to develop its network of outlets countrywide.

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