Wednesday , January 20 2021

Didier Drogba hangs up the cats: now what will he do?

FOOTBALL – Former Ivorian International Didier Drogba confirmed that he ended his career at the age of 40, having played in the Phoenix T-shirt last season in the 2nd US division …

From Le Mans, in Sarthe, in 1998, in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2018, twenty years passed. Twenty years of rich career in professional football, Didier Drogba, who announced Wednesday night that he hung up at the age of 40, after the last season in the United States under the Phoenix colors (2nd Division).

Guingamp, Marseille, Chelsea (where he was almost only his team before the triumph in the Champions League), Shanghai, Istanbul, Montreal … Wherever the ball went, in the meantime, he left an indelible mark. This is also true for his national team, Côte d'Ivoire, who he is the best scorer of all time (65 goals in 104 caps), and he led three World Cup finals (2006), 2010, 2014 and two lost finals of the African Cup of Nations.

In addition to football, we remember his televised speech during the civil war in October 2005, which led directly to reconciliation, which had long been considered impossible, between supporters of Laurent Gbagbo and supporters of Alassane Ouattahr. Like George Weah, who became president of Liberia, will he begin politics in his new life?

Nothing less accurate. Anyone who has always taken great care to have “no contact” with any politician, precisely because he never wanted to “stand behind anyone”, must, a priori, rather stay in football. At least as a leader, first, since he became one of the shareholders of the club Phoenix.

But, however, in the medium term, he may approach the field. “I know that he wants to become a coach, he recently told me via SMS, he has such an aura around him that he must succeed, and now he must take the time, like Zinedine Zidane, to really understand the mechanics of trading”, in the very In fact, in 2016, to tell the truth, Bi-bi-si Bai Guy Lacombe, his former mentor Gingempay, who was still responsible for the training of technical managers in the National Technical Guide, where he, in particular, recruited the coach definitely. .. Zinedine Zidane.

The subject, the time announced with the insistent coach of young people in Chelsea or assistant Antonio Conte, still does not say anything about his future. If it were not for these few words, concluding a message that he posted on Twitter to mark his end of a career: “Look forward to start the next chapter in my life, hoping that God will bless me again because he did this throughout my career. " One certainty: whatever he does, we will not forget him.

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