Thursday , January 28 2021

Violent night in CDMX

Photo: Yucatán Informa

At the beginning of Wednesday, November 21, they registered 4 executions less than 90 minutes on the streets CDMX,

The first report was on the streets. xola and Dr. Vertiz from the colony of Narvart Oriente, where a man traveling on board Red Corvette he was riddled with heavy weapons; in the place where they found more than 30 percussion capsThe adjustment of accounts is not excluded.

The second performance was recorded on the side of the hotel in Colonia Juarez where he was robbed of his life by four gunshot wounds to a 25-year-old man who Uber on the street Bordeaux and Hamburg; authorities will rely on C5 camera to find mobile and responsible,

The third attack was made to the south of the city in the colony Isidro Favela, City Hall Tlalpan, when another person was shot while aboard his car at the intersection street north 1 and street 7According to what was reported, a man came to his house when he was shot dead; it is supposed to be billing adjustment.

The fourth, completed in less than 90 minutes, was held in the Colonia Caracol area, where there was another person made inside your car at the crossroads Felipe Angeles and Avila Camacho City Hall Venustiano Carranza

The authorities report that this issue was discussed with friends when the attacker approached him with a firearm, the victim tried to hide in her car, however he received several bullet blows what ended his life

The authorities held relevant reports and four executions that occurred between 1 and 2:30 am and for which no detainee

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