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Vegans require not to consume animal meat to avoid violence against species.

November 19, 2018

“It’s not only your dog, it’s not only your cat, but also what’s on your plate”; They shouted at the march held yesterday in the CDMX.

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A march against species took place in Mexico City yesterday, the goal of which is to combat the discrimination and violence to which non-human animals are exposed, such as cows, bulls, sheep and all animals that are used for the benefit of humans.

This movement has shown significant growth in the country in recent years, thanks to which Mexico has joined the international trend in animal welfare by promoting veganism, which is the consumption of products without animal ingredients in food, clothing or entertainment.

Although the march, which began in the Angel of Independence and ended at the Palace of Fine Arts, was peaceful, several events occurred in which activists spread outside food establishments, where they shouted slogans, such as “this is not food, this is violence”, “animals are not want to die. "

A spokesman for the march, Joakun Daz, said that in Mexico for several years, measures have been taken against victimization, and there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have stopped consuming animal products. "We believe that Mexico is positioning itself against such violence."

However, he said that Mexico is among the top 10 exporters of pork, which indicates the size of the operation that takes place in the country, in addition to the economic and environmental costs of producing animals for personal consumption, more than eating seeds, vegetables, fruits and in general, a diet free from animal violence.

I emphasize that in legislative matters there are certain initiatives that protect certain types of animals, such as canceling a bullfight, punish them for fighting or roosters, but there are still many animals that suffer from exploitation and violence, therefore more initiatives are lacking in supply.

As for the myths about veganism, such as lack of protein or vitamin B, the activist believed that it was easy to suffer from the suffering of animals in conditions of high insecurity and violence in the country against women, homosexuals and transgender people, among others.

“It’s not only your dog, it’s not only your cat, but also what’s on your plate”; shouted the vegans.

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