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The expert reveals the perpetrators of the collapse of Prince William and Kate.

London, England. Although the dukes of Cambridge have a very stable and very harmonious marriage, Prince William and Kate Middleton, like many, there were problems. The largest of them occurred in 2007, when they ended their relationship after 5 years relationship,

Documentary prepared by Amazon Prime Video, William and Kate: The Journey an expert appears in the British royal family, Duncan Larcombewhich assures that "Guilty" his collapse was a family Kate,

It was rumored that now Dukes of Cambridge they broke up because she presented an ultimatum to him: “Either you offer me a marriage, or we end”, However, Larcombe says it's more like family Kate what made them finish.

One of my theories is that it was related to his family background. The palace categorically denies this, but I dare say that one or two people from William’s entourage can support it, ”said the expert.

It turns out that Larcombe he says he has messages that his friends understand Prince William They made fun of their girlfriend and their mother-in-law because she was a flight attendant. Even every time they saw Katethey were joking using flight codes,

Kate Middleton and Prince William they met while studying at University of St. AndrewThen they became friends and lasted 5 years. But then he became Army and the last thing he wanted was to make the same mistake that parents gave birth, Lady di and Prince charleswhich in terms of William They got married too early.

After the break, everyone continued to engage in various activities until, after a few months, they did not resume their relationship. is an They pledged in October 2010, and they got married in April 2011.

As recognized, the best that can happen to their courtship It took some time.

I think that at that time I was not very pleased with it, but in fact (break) made me a stronger person. You discover things that you may not understand.

When you are very young, relationships can devour you. (In that period of separation) I appreciated the time that I had for myself, although at that time I did not realize it, ”he said. Kate Middleton about this in an interview that the couple provided at the end of 2010.

We were both very young, ”Prince William agreed. “We were. We tried to open our own path, and we matured. We just needed a little space, and it worked, ”said William, who in April 2019 will celebrate eight years of marriage with Kate.

Although their parents belong to the English working class, Kate Middleton and his brothers had a comfortable life.

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