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Remove applications that you do not need to speed up your cell phone.

With these tips in one hand and your list of applications installed in the other, we are sure that you can make a good cleaning. It will be good for your mobile phone to have more space, and you will soon find what you really use.

Regeneration, November 18, 2018.– Applications are an essential element of smartphones, because before the first store. But in modern phones that can last for years and have a sufficient amount of storage, they accumulate if we do not notice. So which applications can I uninstall?

Do not be afraid of web pages

A few years ago, entering the page from your mobile phone was the last thing we wanted to do. We have completed the installation of an application that will do the same, even if it was wrong, just to not enter the network.

Nowadays, web pages are even designed for mobile devices. Or, the same thing, thinking first about the mobile experience, and then about the PC. This, extrapolated to your endless list of applications, means that you already know the first ones that you can eliminate:

Check out the application service web page. Does it work well? Remove the application and add a shortcut to your desktop.

Web applications: the future of pages

But I will not get rid of you if you think that the experience of using a web page does not coincide with a regular application. We all love using apps, even if we don’t open the browser or receive notifications outside of it.

Luckily for us, web pages are evolving, and events like PWA (Progressive web applications). PWA is a web page that can act as an application; and for this you need to enable only direct access to them. A prime example is Twitter lite,

  • Use web applications such as Twitter Lite or Google Photos, adding them to your desktop to act like any application.
Repeated bids for the same

If you have a Google Pixel or Android One, you will not have this problem, but if not, you will have repeated applications. Google forces manufacturers (if they want Google Play) to install an application package that includes Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Photos.

These applications may conflict with others that the manufacturer wants to include, for example, browsers, email applications, a phone gallery … Stop to think about which applications you use more, be it manufacturer or Google. Therefore:

  • Remove or disable repeated pre-installed applications. Do you use Gmail or email maker application? Device Gallery or Google Photos? There can be only one …
Pre-installed applications that you will never use

Some manufacturers, although, as a rule, are somewhat less widespread than a few years ago, include in their mobile phones pre-installed third-party applicationsThis is usually Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Also some of Google, such as Google Play, Play Movies, Duo … Even games.

Not all use these applications, so in many cases they remain there, left without being open, for many years. Does it make sense to keep them? No no.

  • Fulminates pre-installed applications that you will never use. What do you finally use? Well, you install them again.
Applications that you use from home or at work

If there is applications that you always use at home or at work, and you have a tablet or computer at hand … Why repeat on your mobile phone? You can use those devices that also cost you money, although everything will depend on the use.

When you use the application while you are in front of the computer, you will not need it on your mobile phone. On the other hand, it may be the application that you want to use, lying on the sofa, away from the PC. I will not deny this lazy time. Therefore:

  • Remove the applications that you use, just being on the computer. Install them there or use the web version there.
Applications "just in case"

"I install this application just in case I will be engaged." "This application is just in case I want to go to this restaurant." "This app is just in case", just in case This is the biggest miss for our application lists.

For one night where you want to eat or order food at home, you end up installing the app of all restaurants and delivery services in the area. When you want to send a photo using WhatsApp, you are done with half the installed apps for editing the store. Wait!

  • It does not make sense to install applications that you will use once, if you can do this using a web page. But if there is no other choice, and you forget about them, why don't you remove them to get space?
Games are kings "just in case"

And continuing with him just in case we come to the games. In addition to the fact that they take a lot (in some cases), they are undoubtedly the most “in case” they receive. Surely this is happening on your mobile phone right now: you checked the installed games and thought: “pfff, I have not played it for many years.” Or "Go, but I still have this game."

But there they remain. Why? Well, it will not be so that another time you want to play. As if to remove it is no longer in Google Play. This, by the way, if you delete a game and then delete it from Google Play, it will still remain in your account.

  • To the fire! It ends with games that you played a long time ago that you didn’t play for a long time or that you tested them for hours. You will not play again, you can delete them. If you want to play them again, Google Play will appear.
Applications that can be removed

In short, there are many applications that you can erase and you will not miss. At least you will not miss them today, or tomorrow, or this week. When you miss them, you will have to wait to return home or to the WiFi zone, and download them again. Others you can continue to use them as a web application or directly use the page.

  • Lose the fear of web pages. Some of them are even better than their applications.
  • For ease of use, use web applications instead of your own applications.
  • You do not need two applications. [Inserte uso aquí] if they are installed in advance, you can delete one (or disable it if it is a system).
  • Even if the application is installed on your mobile phone, you can remove it if you do not use it. You will not break anything, the important ones will not allow you to disable or delete them.
  • If you have a tablet or computer at home, and you can do something from there, you do not need to have an application that does the same.
  • Those applications that you use only while working on your computer, use them there and delete them from your mobile phone.
  • No more "just in case." Applications of restaurants that you visit once a month, applications that you used once for something specific … If this no longer works for you, leave.
  • You are not going to play this game that hooked you a year ago. If you like it, you will get it on Google Play.
  • Undoubtedly, antivirus and cleaning products should disappear from your mobile phone.

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