Thursday , January 28 2021

He thought that mucus came out of his nose; it was brain fluid

By: Editorial

It has been five years for Greg Phillpotts, based New York, USA, discovered the reason why his nose was constantly dripping; i thought that allergy it turned out a leak of liquid cerebrospinal fluid, as evidenced by local media.

“I prepared the food in the kitchen and added ingredients that destroy the whole dinner,” explained Philpotts about the drops that always fall on his left nostril.

The person indicated that this situation constantly affected him, no matter where he was, therefore he had to be placed handkerchiefs in the nose with the intention of slowing the continuum drip,

Greg during this time he consulted several doctors his condition, and this gave him various misdiagnosis, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

However, in February, when the symptoms worsened, he went to Dr. Alfred Ilorete from the Mount Sinai hospital and explained his situation, which, he said, could cause meningitis.

The doctors performed an operation on the cranial brain, and the health problem was solved.

(With information from RT)

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