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MEXICO CITY. – For all pockets, sizes and purposes for the home, Samsung TVs will be an excellent option for use in the Good End. With a flat and curved design, ultra-thin frames or a designer, as well as accessories to be installed in the room, on the wall or even in the room, you will have enough choice.
When it comes to providing screens that are suitable for all types of users, free space in their homes and their preferences for image and sound, Samsung paints itself, so in this Good End the company will have a wide catalog of TVs.
“Our top range is called QLED, in which the user can use the best Samsung technology in front of him. Then we have this line called Premium UHD, which represents only 4 thousand Products, ”said Herve Baurez, director of the marketing department of the consumer electronics division of Samsung Mexico.
For the Good End, Samsung expects discounts that range from 5 to 50 percent, depending on the range and size of the products and stores.
“In a good ending, a lot of what needs to be done is hunting for the best deals, and our commitment is to make our offer available, and we can accompany people on what they are looking for,” said Baurez.
During the bidding season, Samsung expects consumers to compare prices and products, combining online search searches with physical stores to check specifications and browse products before making a purchase decision. This does not mean that the product is displayed on the smartphone screen.
“Today on most trading platforms you can try and touch, you have all the rights as a consumer to ask all the questions you want, and even test the content,” explained the executive director.
“We try to have very well-trained promoters in most of our stores. Most of what we insist on is that they listen to the needs of the consumer and, based on them, make a recommendation. This is due to "how much space do you have in your house?", Because I may need a 82-inch TV, but if my chair is 50 centimeters from the screen, this will never be a recommendation. "
Finally, expert advice for looking out for a new Good End TV is to compare additional benefits between stores, which can range from gift cards to months with no interest or even higher offers when buying online.

Top of the top
The jewel in the crown on Samsung TVs this year is the Q9F screen. With HDR 10+ certification that optimizes every scene shown in color, contrast and detail. Its resolution is 4K Ultra HD, provided by Quantum dots technology, which does not allow screens to deteriorate over the years, which is a drawback of OLED panels.
From $ 98,800 online
75 inches

Experience curve
With its frameless design and curved screen, the QLED Q8C screen offers an impressive 4K experience. He is VDE certified to display 100% of the color volume, which means that you see him in the image, as the director did to make his films or series. At the stand for gravity or on the studio stand, the screen becomes the main character of the space where you install it.
$ 59,000 online
65 inches

Great sound
Compatible with the SmartThings platform, with One Invisible Connection cable and Q HDR Elite technology for presenting HDR 10+ content, the Q7F (2018) screen stands out among the most advanced Samsung TVs for using the Quantum Dots panel. If you choose, you will have a screen with Dolby Digital Plus 40 W audio and a built-in subwoofer.
$ 55,000 online
65 inches

If you already have a 55-inch screen in your room, can you imagine that you have up to 82 inches? This is what QLED Q6F (2018) offers, which relies on Samsung's Quantum Dots technology to display images optimized with the Q Engine chip. If you need more information to get an idea of ​​how it will look in your home, read the following: it measures 1.83 cm in length, 115 cm in height, and weighs almost 46 kilograms.
$ 85,800 online
82 inches

The premium screens of the Samsung QLED TV family are compatible with three exclusive technologies that extend their capabilities even when turned off. QLED technology, an alternative to OLED from competing companies, uses improved LED panels, which, according to the company, are longer than OLED TVs.

One invisible connection
The TV's audio, video, data, and power cables you usually fight with when you want to install it on a wall or piece of furniture are now integrated into One Invisible Connection, a 5-meter ultra-thin cable developed by Samsung that connects to One Connect. It is compatible with all QLED 2018 TVs and is committed to becoming the new standard for future television.

One connecting block
It is similar to the base of the Nintendo Switch, but in fact it is an adapter in which all the ports of the TV are connected, which transmit the signal to the screen thanks to One Invisible Connection. There you can connect your consoles, Blu-ray players and other gadgets without worrying about ruining your room's design.

Surround mode
When you turn off the TV, you no longer see the black screens. Instead, the Ambient Mode includes an interactive background, which is combined with the design of the place where you set up your television. This is similar to the screen saver of your computer, but improved. You can choose between displaying weather information, a photo, or an art image. The surround mode can also mimic a screen with a wall so that it goes unnoticed when it is turned off.

Piece of art
Last year, Samsung first introduced The Frame, a television concept designed as an art box. In fact, when it is turned off, artistic images, such as paintings or photographs, are displayed on the screen, and you can choose your own photos to display as works of art. The sensor ensures that they are always displayed with the correct brightness in accordance with the lighting of the place where they are located. The frame is also a 4K resolution HDR-certified television.
$ 48,200 online
65 inches

Contact LED
Records in the field of LED screens, more affordable technology, the NU800 Series 9 screen provides 4K resolution and at the same time HDR 10+ for blacks to be deep and contrasty, are marked. It is compatible with Things Samsung’s SmartThings platform, with which you can handle ringtones, washing machines and speakers connected to your home system directly from the screen.
$ 31,300 online
65 inches

4K variety
Having a screen size from 43 to 75 inches, on the screen of the UDH MU6103 Series 6 you can choose whether you want it for the children's bedroom or to be the star of the room. Use Samsung's PurColor technology to provide the right color as well as images with a wide dynamic range (HDR).
$ 13,600 online
55 inches

4K available
If your budget is limited, but you are looking for a 4K screen with excellent performance, the UHD 4K NU7100 Series 7 TV may be what you are looking for. It has LED technology and slim design, as well as features for gamers, such as Steam Link, that transfer content from a PC screen to a TV to use as a monitor in high-speed video games.
From $ 17,000
55 inches

Smart comfortable
The MU6400 Series 6 LED display sets 4K resolution at your fingertips on a 49-inch TV if you have small spaces, but you don’t want to miss the content and possibilities of the 4K world. It uses Active Crystal Color technology, from which it reaches HDR content that contrasts adequately with the lights and shadows of the image.
$ 13,000 online
49 inches

Technology for office
The same QLED technology that moves Samsung's top screens applies to performance with the LC34J791WTLXZX monitor. It measures 34 inches and has a curved screen that helps reduce eye strain while working for many hours, according to the company.
On the back panel, you have two Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting Mac and PC computers that are compatible, and with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 you can open many programs without filling the screen. If you are interested in using it for games, it has a refresh rate of 100 Hz, so you will not have problems with its use in complex games.
$ 22,000 online

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