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Overview of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR (OVCHY) and its competitors

OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR (OTCMKTS: OVCHY) is one of 63 publicly traded companies in the “Commercial banks not classified elsewhere” industry, but how does it compare with their peers? We will compare OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR with relevant companies based on their dividends, institutional ownership, analyst recommendations, profit, profitability, valuation, and risk.


This table compares the net profit of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and the net profitability, return on equity and return on assets.

Net profit Return on equity Return of assets
Overseas-CHINESE / ADR 31.64% 9.85% 0.90%
OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR Competitors 18.54% 11.69% 1.05%

Analyst ratings

This is a summary of current recommendations for OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and its peers, as reported by MarketBeat.com.

Sell ​​ratings Keep ratings Buy ratings Strong shopping valuations Rating
Overseas-CHINESE / ADR 0 0 0 0 N / A
OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR Competitors 633 1751 1580 74 2.27

As a group, “commercial banks not classified elsewhere” has an upside of 44.56%. Given the high growth potential of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR, analysts clearly believe that OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR has less favorable growth aspects than its peers.

Profit and Valuation

This table compares OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and its peer-to-peer earnings, earnings per share, and valuation.

Gross income Net income Price / profit ratio
Overseas-CHINESE / ADR $ 9.66 billion USA 4.15 billion dollars. USA 11.30
OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR Competitors 14.31 billion dollars $ 2.40 billion 11.77

OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR peers have higher income, but lower income than OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR is trading with a lower price-earnings ratio than its peers, indicating that it is currently more affordable than other companies in its industry.


OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR pays an annual dividend of $ 0.51 per share and has a dividend yield of 3.2%. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR pays 36.2% of its income in the form of dividends. As a group of “Commercial banks not classified elsewhere,” companies pay dividend yield of 3.0% and pay 35.1% of their income in the form of dividends.

Volatility and risk

OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR has a beta version of 0.72, which indicates that its stock price is 28% lower than volatility than the S & P 500. Comparatively, peers of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR have beta 0.91, which indicates that their average stock price is 9% less than the summer price of the S & P 500.

Insider and Institutional Property

0.0% of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR shares are owned by institutional investors. Comparatively, 25.1% of the shares of all companies “Commercial banks not classified elsewhere” are institutional investors. 11.9% of the shares of all companies “Commercial banks not classified elsewhere” belong to insiders of companies. Strong institutional ownership is an indication that hedge funds, donations, and big money managers believe that stocks are ready for long-term growth.


OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR associates beat 12 of 12 factors compared to OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR.


Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited provides financial services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greater China, other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, and internationally. In the company's Global Consumer / Private Banking segment, a range of products and services for individuals are presented, including checking accounts and savings and fixed deposits; housing and other personal loans; credit cards; condition management products consisting of mutual funds, bank insurance products and structured deposits; and brokerage services. This segment also offers investment advice and portfolio management, real estate planning and trusting relationships, and wealth structuring services for individuals with high levels of equity. Its Global Corporate / Investment Banking segment provides project financing, overdrafts, trade finance and deposit accounts; paid services such as cash management and custodial services; and investment banking services, including financial solutions, syndicated loans and advisory services, corporate finance services for initial public offers, secondary fundraising and mergers, and personalized and structured financial services. It serves corporations, the public sector and small and medium enterprises. Companies in the Global Treasury and Markets segment include foreign exchange operations, money market transactions, fixed income and derivatives trading, as well as the provision of structured treasury products and financial solutions. Its OCBC segment Wing Hang offers commercial banking, consumer finance, stock brokerage and insurance services. The company's insurance segment provides fund management services, as well as life insurance and general insurance products. Its “Others” segment is involved in property and investment management activities. As of May 7, 2018, the company operated a network of 590 branches and representative offices in 18 countries and regions. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited was founded in 1912 and is headquartered in Singapore.

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