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Kim Na Young announces divorce from her husband after his illegal activities and arrest

Kim Na Young breaks up with her husband.

On January 29, Kim Na Young personally reported her divorce through a video on her YouTube channel.

She said: “All the trust I have placed in my husband has been destroyed, and I can no longer be with him. I'm trying to start a new life with my two sons. ”

She continued: “I’m afraid and afraid that I’ll need to bring up my two sons, but I’m trying to get courage, because I’m a mother. Thanks to the people to whom I am grateful for giving me courage, when I had a difficult time, I was able to move to a small house. There I will work hard to live every day with my two children. ”

The Kim Na Young Agency, the IOK TNT Entertainment Agency, said: “As she stated in her personal account on the social network, we confirmed that Kim Na Young is suing her husband and will act independently. We respect all decisions of Kim Na Yang and will actively help her so that she can safely appear to the public again as a television personality after resolving the current situation. After today, it will be difficult for the agency to officially confirm the situations concerning her husband, and we ask for your understanding. We also ask you to refrain from speculative articles and comments that may damage the reputation of her and her children. ”

In November 2018, husband Kim Na Yang was arrested for setting up a futures and options exchange business without the permission of the Financial Supervision Commission and receiving unfair profits of 20 billion won (approximately $ 17,898,700). At that time, Kim Na Yang apologized, canceled scheduled events and stopped her YouTube and social media accounts.

Kim Na Young married a businessman in 2015 and the next year gave birth to her first son. She welcomed her second son in July 2018.

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