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Jay Chou to Star on XXX4

12:37 AM PST 11/21/2018


Patrick Brzeski

Along with the “King of Mandopop”, there are several Chinese funding partners in the lead role in the action, including the Jackie Chan film banner.

Taiwan pop star Jay Chou teamed up with Vin Diesel to play a major role in the upcoming fourth installment. xx franchise to be directed to D.J. Caruso.

Known as the “King of Mandopop”, Zhou is a huge draw in Asia as a pop subscriber and favorite personality. But viewers in the US will know him better for his transition to acting in such functions as Green Hornet with Seth Rogen or in John Chu's comedy Now you see Me 2.

“This is an incredibly exciting film that I don’t like,” Zhou said in a statement.

xXx 4 will be produced and funded by The H Collective's growing mini-studio, with the support of investment partners, including Jack Chan, Sparkle Roll Media from iQiyi Pictures, Dadi Huarui, Star League Media and Fulcrum Management Co.

Together with Vin Diesel and his One Race Films banner, The H Collective acquired the franchise xXx rights from Revolution Studios earlier this year.

The heavy involvement of Chinese investment in the film is not surprising, given that xXx: Return of Xander earned 168 million dollars from its 346 million dollars worldwide in the Chinese box office last year. Thanks Fast and furious franchise, Diesel – one of the most famous Hollywood stars in the Middle Kingdom.

“We are very pleased to be working on the fourth edition of xXx, which has always been such a fun, futuristic, global franchise,” said H Collective Nic Crawley, CEO. "We are striving to create a well-planned international cast and present bold new characters who will undoubtedly have durability in the ongoing franchise."

Chinese actress Zoi Zhang (Chinese zodiac), frequent co-author Jackie Chan, also joined the international broadcast of the film.

Joe Roth and Jeff Kirshenbaum produce with Diesel and Samantha Vincent for films about one race. The film is scheduled to begin in 2019.

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