Saturday , January 16 2021

Zalgiris starts his turn, which will have a big impact on the rest of the Euroleague season.

The team of Kaunas “Zalgiris” on Wednesday was very close to fourth place in the Euroleague this season, but did not indicate in its report, because the final result was favorable for the CSKA Moscow team – 99:97.

Thus, it has already emerged that all three achievements of Zalgiris reached the rides: in Istanbul, Athens and Podgorica. Meanwhile, the house was defeated by Vitoria Basque Country, Istanbul Fenerbahce, Madrid Real Madrid and Barcelona Barcelona Lassa teams.

Now Zalgiris has 2 defeats more than victories in its field, and there was no such event in the standings throughout this season. The Šarūnas Jasikevičius squadron took off 4/4 after winning 4/6 and completed the first round with 10 victories and only 5 failures. Repeating the first round of last season will be a very difficult task, because you will need to win all the other 7 meetings.

However, if you do not repeat the same result, by the end of this year you can really achieve something like “Zalgiris”, because the 8-day tour does not stick to the schedule (with the only exception), it seems brighter.

Until the end of the first round, Zalgiris will play 4 matches at home: against Chimka, Milan AH Armani, Piraeus Olympiacos and Tel Aviv Maccabi. Meanwhile, a bowl was held against Munich Bavaria, Darushchara from Istanbul and Gran Canaria in Las Palmas. All three clubs are new to the tournament.

Chimki still achieved 2 wins, while AX Armani won 6 wins, but only with an average result of 7 points. Having won 24 pixels in Piraeus, this average will be even lower. The “designers” beat Chimki and Istanbul to Anadolu Efes, 3 – Basconia, 6 – Darushshak, after a point.

Olympiacos is a really serious nutlet, but it bites at home, and David Blavat’s students are quite good – 4 wins and 4 failures. The most difficult prediction is what can be expected from the Maccabi team, which arrives on December 21. Recently, the team changed people. the coach and now the game will begin to change and, possibly, the composition of the correction.

No one has a living life before Darsh Shafaka or Gran Canaria, where Barka and the same Maccabi fell, but these will be the teams that need to be defeated if they move to the next stage.

The trend towards the new Euroleague is that in the first eighth place, the former teams survive at the end of the 30th round. Last year there was only one change – Maccabi fell and was replaced by the Basque Country.

“This team must learn to play the matches that need to be won,” said Š.Jasikevičius after the match in Podgorica.

If the defeat of CSKA can be called the starting point for rivals, then during the remainder of the first round Zalgiris should not win, because it would be too difficult to recover lost points in the second regular season.

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