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The life code of N. Narmontaite is to create joy

Checks life

Book concerts by N.Narmontaite are held on the stage of the Vilnius Maly Theater. Having started a creative way in the Šiauliai Drama Theater, continuing it in the Kaunas drama, today the actress can call herself a witch, and Vilnius Maly is a very expensive theater.

Here she plays the “Mastery Lesson” for the nineteenth season. The character of Maria Callas is the accompanying accompaniment. Transforming his hero, N.Narmontaite was able to convey the entire encyclopedia of the stage of human life.

Another small drama N. Narmontey was born in a small town Vilnius. In the play “Wait, who lives here?” Her hero Claire, even in bed-sickness, from the first minutes of attention draws the attention of the audience to the last act of the play. The play of the British playwright Brian Clark raises the problem of euthanasia, but even fighting for the right to die, the heroine N. Narmontayt confirms life, teaches you to enjoy every moment and live now.

This is like a cry of life, each time taking new actions, and listing them all, and the skin of the cow is not enough. “Each region complements each other and me. I have nothing to do with a child who is interested in everything. I do everything with absolute dedication, and I like what I do. And with the book I was especially enthusiastic about communication, ”shares N.Narmontayte.

Positive textbook

N.Narmontaite in the series published by the publishing house Alma-Litera, tells not only about the life of actors, but also reveals the colorful characters of the invisible theater people with humor and irony.

“For me, the book itself is a positive textbook, although I am strong, but I found a lot of things from my characters in my books,” says the actress, who writes the chronicle of an invisible theater to the viewer.

It takes a year to prepare one book, because most of the work consists of interviews. Nijol records them on a video camera – after all, theatrical fairy tales are such theatrical.

“We need to talk to people where they rest, and then they are left to strain their ears – and they have bruises. Often we communicate with me at dinner, slowly. ” There were records that lasted 9 and 14 hours, and once for the whole day. I got into one actress, so we got angry that we were a little dead for several hours, and we continued the conversation again. These materials are accumulated, only a small part is related to books, ”says N.Narmontaite, whose last book, as compared with the previous ones, has grown by 40 more pages.

When you prepare for the first, many police officers of her book are unknown – and who will be from here? “What you didn’t say so seriously, an art book is the real history of the theater,” he recalls, criticizing colleagues who imagined leaving the brochure for all of this.

Nijola is glad that now it is much easier for her colleagues to open, and from the multitude of conversations they distinguish stories that their interlocutors do not refuse to laugh from themselves. “This is one of the strongest human qualities,” the author of the fourth book is convinced.

Long-lived vitamin

When in 2014 N.Narmontaite presented his first book “Actors, directors, cashiers not seen by the audience”, after the theater bookmakers the pan-Ukrainian actor Algirdas Paulavicius admitted: “You extended my life”.

He, like the pretty actress Grazina Balandyte, looks like a Nijole's talisman. I made a vow that the stories about these legendary masters of scenic art will be in each book.

“G. Balentay is my biggest example of positivism. I laugh at the fact that I find this kind of dildo, a miniature greylink, which is called "my friend." Her words: I put it on the fourth cover of the book: “My friend, when I read your books, I want to live, I forget to drink medicines.” “This is one of my dearest people, I love and respect him very much,” the Lithuanian legend admitted theater.

With a good dose of humor, the story of the theater tells the story of surviving wine as surviving wine for a long book of life. In 2017, the book N.Narmontaite hit the top ten in the most widely read libraries. Often an actress traveling at a meeting with readers after Lithuania found a book in her library to read his book that he holds his back. It only proves how readers have lasting positive emotions.

“People often ask me if it’s hard to write a book, and I say: when you hear laughter, everything goes easy,” says the author of a simple recipe for books that guarantee a dose of good mood. "Nothing is more pleasant than admitting that I called someone that day."

Little big people

The book, which, according to N. Narmontaite, can be read from anyone, unites the same structure: there are also memories of theatrical circles and stories about invisible, but very important theatrical people.

“I don't want to call them little, because they are great people. Costume designers, dressmakers, makeup artists, stage workers and fire extinguishers – it is impossible to list the profession without any academic performance or fame actor. It does not highlight, ”says this loophole to fill the panoramic actress.

Artists, cashiers, students and fans, as well as those who create a theater aura, entered its horizons. Nihola, with the greatest nostalgia and respect, remembers the famous theatrical days in Šiauliai, when the tables parted with their own dining performances, and they were equally revered as a stage scene, and behind the scenes.

“There has never been a division into important and non-essential, and today, in some theaters, during holidays, the tables are covered with an imaginary hierarchy,” said the actress, who is famous for her hospitality and dignity.

From the time of her studies she was glad to be friends with the cleaners, stage workers, and cashiers. “When I began to deepen my life, I discovered such depths,” says N. Narmontayte, who pays tribute to invisible theater people. Including the story of the cashier was inspired by the cashier Danuta Bannvichiute, the cashier of the anniversary Kaunas Drama Theater, who was very fond of the theater. She recorded strange questions from the audience, and my notes were later presented to me. ”

Another in the new book is a tribute to its roots. “The year 2019 was published in the year of“ Samogitia ”, so I chose a book for the Samogites and not only. I wrote my own theatrical stories in the language of "Samogityans" – a language that I heard when he grew up in Telšiai, which is now with pleasure "rokoujus." Little, I christened, it will be a hard nut and self-vigilians themselves, ”laughs the actress, who is not against ideas.

Inspires and supports

How did the two writers gather under the same roof? The man Niyole Paulius Covas – a participant in the 1000-year-old yacht Odyssey "Ambersail", a traveler, lecturer, published the book "Life in a Storm: How to Stay Dry."

I love to laugh at people. We laugh a lot with Paul, often in the morning. And this is natural – just joke, from small things we create our own feast.

“Paul is the one who supports me the most, and he was the first to share the vision of my books. This is my faithful companion. We traveled all over Lithuania, traveling to meetings with cities and villages, we travel together with foreign Lithuanians, ”says N.Narmontaite, soon his book will be presented in Israel.

“We both lost our heads for traveling, not for tourists, but for those who live in ordinary people. Whether countries and Lithuanians are coming down – they invite such trips – do not convey the joy of the future and still retain impressions of a recent visit to Sakartvel. ” We passed a number of non- Such a walk is the most valuable. We never allow money for hotels, we remain local, but the sincerity of these people! "

More and more on the basis of life, there is such a position of Niyola and Paulius. And the necessary companion, traveling through life – laughter.

“I like it when people laugh. We have a lot of laughs with Paul, often in the morning, and it will be natural – just joking, we create a holiday out of little things, ”says the actress who created the scene for“ Djugen ”. Then he gave a life code – create joy.


* N.Narmontaitė – a passionate fisherman and a mushroom, these hobbies are often reflected in her style of dress.

* She is a loving grandmother Niola, what is her name Grandpa Camila.

* From the father Nihol inherited not only the talent of the actor and singing, but also the talent to sew, knit.

* She models clothes, and her design ideas have been implemented by Lina, a seamless clothing company for many years.

* She bought jeans for her first lifetime salary in the amount of 120 rubles.

* Never appear without jewelry – this is a significant part of her image.

* For many years, Paloma Picasso has been honored for perfumery. Sometime before they saw the performance they did not add, they returned home to pick it up.

* Nijole is an excellent cuisine, and its cakes are unsurpassed. Only the book “Actors, artists and screenshots – what the audience did not see”, they prepared 12 dishes for the presentation of dishes!

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