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Honda turned the monster into 24-inch wheels.

Interestingly, Honda did not need to upgrade the suspension. He did not cut the arches of the car. Using special applications, the inventor lifted the wheels.

Can I drive a car with a rim diameter of 24 and a 37 inch tire? In this way, Bmx error even a little snow behind the wheel.

VIDEO: I put giant wheels on a small car!

To make this possible, several improvements were required. Be sure to – the front axle of the car is extended by the axis of the car with the help of pieces of pipe 305 mm long. Special mounting plates are welded to both ends of the pipe. True, before the test the guy was not sure that these improvements will continue.

earlier Bmx error performed a reverse experiment. The 24-inch drive was replaced by 12 at its loading. Despite the huge difference in diameters, the participants even managed to lure the tires.

VIDEO: I put the tiny wheels of the car, this is my lifted truck!

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