Monday , January 25 2021

Drunk and aggressive driver in Vashvidawa caused an accident, and the children also suffered

Police received information about the incident at 15.57. The accident at the Volvo XC90 and Toyota Corolla took place in Vaishvīdawa, in the house of the Pilyon 27B.

According to preliminary data, a traffic accident occurred when the Volvo car entered the opposite lane.

A police spokesman for reported that three minors had left the hospital. Their age is up to 8 years. The little ones were driven in a Toyota car. Their lives are not at risk.

The accused was also taken to hospital. The Volvo driver was drunk. He has an average birth rate of 1.64 times. By the way, the culprit of the 26-year-old accident was aggressive: he did not meet the requirements of the legal officials and was detained using special measures. He was probably out of the scene.

In connection with this incident, the Kaunas district police officers launched a pre-trial investigation in accordance with Section 281 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. 7 d Drunk when driving when blood is more than 1.5 miles away. alcohol, may be subject to fines or arrest or imprisonment for up to one year.

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