Friday , January 22 2021

The mobility of Basil without blessing .. And the Sunni knot is intact!

The Sunni knot was more difficult during the last visit or effort of Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil to the deputies of the consultative meeting entrusted by the first presiding officer to find a solution or solutions for him. Bassil raised the issue of barter between the Christian minister from the Future Movement and the Sunni minister from Hossab Baabda as director. More tense after the appearance of the positions of the Future Movement denounces the proposal and rejects the phrase and statement described by the Blue Block as a violation of the norms and laws.

The leaders of the future picked up the words of Bassil after meeting with the deputies of the consultative meeting on morbidity in a way that does not contradict the right to representation and leaked from the words of Basil in long discussions behind closed doors in the house of the deputy Abdel Rahim Murad, which can be interpreted as prejudice or implicit acceptance Representatives of the Sunni Deputies That which was also interpreted as Bassil’s struggle, is again lined up with an ally in Haret Hreyk after Hezbollah the criteria for deciding the Sunni node, consulting and accepting what the Sunni MPs decided and agreed.

On the one hand, Bassil’s submission to Sunni deputies faced two obstacles, on the one hand, on March 8, and their refusal to take part in the show if he excluded one of them, and Blue Stream and the current president.

"The decision is not on my account, I will not agree to pay the price, because our bloc and the presidency would like to save 11 ministers." On the one hand, the consultative meeting was clear: “Your pleasure is a blessing, but the knot is Sunni-Sunni.”

According to the circles of the future, the movement of Bassil did not make any progress, he only returned the ball to Hariri stadium, suggesting that the current is not ready to bear the consequences or that the presentation of the Sunni deputies of his bag, but the bag of the Movement for the future. According to the future, there is a definite correlation between the question of the Sunni Minister and Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement.

Free patriotic movements believe that the decision of the Sunni knot is still available, and that refusing the offer of barter will not stop the efforts of the current leader of the movement, Gebran Bassil and his attempts to find a way out of the crisis. According to the current, Bassil's efforts were focused on finding a knot for two weeks in which political leaders met, without reaching a solution to the crisis. In any case, the current position did not sympathize with any team, but rather sympathized with the search for a way out of the last node to reach the government. The delay, which takes the balance of the Covenant and puts Lebanon in danger, taking into account the economic problems associated with swimming Cedar loans or moving to other destinations.

Thus, the Sunni gang is in a vicious circle, and no one can resolve this issue, because no team in the sixth Sunni office has submitted the file to the consultative meeting. If Hariri refused to represent them at all, the president responsible for this refused to accept this condition in order to accept his representation. But without one of the Sunni deputies, a consultative meeting is dedicated to his appointment, armed with an undeclared position and support from the Free Patriotic Movement and with the support of Hezbollah ".

In convincing the president to designate that he made many concessions by accepting the Hezbollah secretary and canceling Hariri’s regional decision, while Hezbollah is very modest, the current one is a reality between shocks because he does not want to shake his relationship with the sailors and “kisses ”With the appointed president, who went on a political settlement and presented Out of his political and popular balance.


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