Wednesday , January 20 2021

The jubilee of the birth of the Prophet is a stimulus for the continuation of our struggle and struggle

Al-Murabitun made a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet, in which she confirmed her commitment to the essence of the Islamic religion. She said: “The birth of a noble Arab messenger for us, the sons of Arab national thought, is a day of restoring hope and stimulating work in depth and understanding. Our struggle and our struggle to achieve our great goals in spreading tolerance and preserving morality and calling on a permanent nation to be firm and united to defeat the forces of oppression, injustice and evil throughout our country and the geography of our nation and world. ”

The statement said that the founder of the Almoravids, Ibrahim Coleilat, spoke about the depth of this holy idea, about the birth of the Prophet, about the arrogant, unjust and uncompromising with the aggressors and aggressors, about the constant revolution that continues with the impulse of birth and the divine call for laws to overthrow all tyrants .

“On this great day, we address our people in Lebanon and in the Arab nation, especially the people of Palestine, who are oppressed by the blessing of the birthday of our Prophet Muhammad and pity the martyrs.”

A source: National Media Agency

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