Monday , January 25 2021

Radio Nour Weather tomorrow with high clouds with low temperatures

The meteorological faculty of the Department of Civil Aviation predicted that tomorrow the weather would be cloudy, with medium and high clouds with an additional and limited temperature difference in the mountains and fog at high mountains, the expected diffused light of rain.

The following bulletin says:

Stable weather controls the eastern basin of the Mediterranean until the night of Wednesday, where it is gradually affected by an air drop, which leads to unstable and sometimes rainy weather.

The expected weather in Lebanon on Tuesday will be cloudy clouds with high clouds with low temperatures; in the daytime it will turn into cloudy fog at high mountains.
Wednesday The weather will be cloudy, with medium and high clouds, with an additional fall and limited temperatures in the mountains and fog at high mountains.

On Thursday it is cloudy, with a slight change in temperature on the coast, while it continues to fall on the mountains and in the interior. Sometimes there are showers and separate winds, accompanied by lightning and thunder, and snow is expected on the mountains.

Expected temperatures: on the coast from 11 to 24 degrees, over the mountains from 11 to 20 degrees, the interior from 8 to 23 degrees.

Wind: western to southwest day, southeast at night, from 8 to 25 km / h.

Reduction: good evening on the coast worsens in the highlands due to fog.

Relative humidity on the coast: from 50 to 75 percent.

Maritime state: low wave. Water surface temperature: 23 degrees.

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