Sunday , January 24 2021

Several tens of thousands of people went to the tortoise in hundreds

Latvian centuries-old tortoise flew more than a kilometer to the All-Latvia! – “Fatherland and Freedom” / LNNK (VL-TB / LNNK), the agency said.

Several tens of thousands of people came to the campaign, and, for example, at the beginning of this event, the laureate from the National Theater went outside the main building of the University of Latvia. According to the organizers, this year the torch gathered about 20,000 participants.

Most of the participants walk through the pages are silent or talk to each other, but the organizers of the walk also provided musical accompaniment. Pedestrians are accompanied by songs such as “I came to the fire”, “Laimdotas dziesma” and others.

“I’ll definitely say: if the founders of the Latvian state saw how to observe November 18 after a hundred years, they would be proud. It was only possible thanks to all of you. The throat was disposable. It is safe to say that in honor of our birthday in Latvia, we had the largest turtle in Europe, ”said Raivis Dzintars, chairman of VL-TB / LNNK.

This year the pedestrian route was changed – the procession began at the monument to Ulmanis, but continued along the monument to Freedom and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet. After that, the direction of the procession was on an embankment on November 11, but the concert ends at the Latvian National Theater, where Latvia was founded 100 years ago.

According to VL-TB / LNNK, the flare campaign on November 18th began in 2003 as a dedication to the State of Latvia on the anniversary of the founding of All Latvia! Each year, this procession brings together more and more members, and since 2005 it has reached several thousand. Since 2013, the number of participants has exceeded 10,000 people. According to the organizers, last year about 18,000 participants took part in the flare walk.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. The Republic of Latvia was proclaimed on November 18, 1918 at 16 in the second City Theater, now at the National Theater of Latvia.

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