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Former players testify to the theft of 2017 autograph
Commissioner "Problems of Sports Justice"
Large fines and credit card transfers

U.S. Premier League Houston Astros is suspected of stealing an autograph in 2017, according to Rob Manfred, commissioner of the Major League secretary, who announced that he was ready to accept the punishment if it was confirmed that the theft was confirmed.

Commissioner Manfred spoke about a new media tour at the Texas Rangers Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA: “A violation that affects the outcome of the match is a serious problem. It is also a problem that undermines the justice of the sport. ” It is important to check what happened and take steps to ensure that there are no violations. As for the disciplinary level, he added: “It is difficult to say so far, but it can be applied to all disciplinary methods that have been applied in the past.” Houston defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2017 and won the World Series.
In 2017, when the Boston Red Sox stole the signatures of their opponents using smart watches, the Premier League office only fined them. But then Manfred Commissioner warned that if the same thing happens in the future, he will use more stringent discipline, such as denial.
Recently, several former players reported that Houston stole the autographs of another club in 2017, and the Premier League Office established an investigation committee to investigate. Lee Chan-Young, Staff Journalist

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