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"Mother-in-law, not yet, but someday

[文대통령, 국민과의 대화]To question No. 1 “Maybe I won’t bring any benefit”
President Moon Jae-in announced on the 19th that he could not yet realize reality.

President Moon replied: “In the event of a dialogue with the people of 2019,” the recruitment system has become a hot topic, and I think our society will have to leave someday. ” Recently, the Democratic Research Institute, the Democratic Party's research center, pulled out a "morbidity map" ahead of the general election next year.

President Moon said: “We need to increase the number of professional soldiers and raise the salaries of soldiers so that we can afford increased finances.” He added: “It is necessary to develop relations between North Korea and North Korea in order to achieve disarmament and talk about recruitment.”

A male student who said he was a freshman in high school at the scene asked if he had “a lot of problems with military service, but at least if I could change the compensation before I went to the army "Mr. Moon laughed. It is the same.
Mr. Moon said: “We are 100% convinced that we must solve the unjust problem of obtaining military positions. A lot of them ". He said: “Before recruitment, everyone must go through military service. Instead, they need to reduce their work experience, increase their salaries and put them in positions corresponding to their abilities or abilities. ” Kim Ji Hyun, Staff Journalist

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